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Tom Moore, Who Cheered Covid-Ravaged U.K. With Charity Walks, Dies at 100 – The New York Times

But he added, “I don’t recall getting frightened at the time at all.”

Mr. Moore returned home after the war and built a comfortable life as the manager of a concrete company. He remained energetic until his late 90s, mowing the lawn, tending a greenhouse and driving his own car. But two years ago he fell in his kitchen, breaking his hip and a rib and puncturing a lung.

His hospitalization left him with an enduring appreciation for the doctors and nurses of the National Health Service. As the service struggled with an influx of coronavirus patients last spring, raising money for its beleaguered staff seemed a worthy cause.

“Never in 100 years, when we started, did we anticipate this sum of money would be raised,” Mr. Moore said.

Part of the money he raised is being used to create therapeutic facilities for doctors and nurses to decompress after their work treating Covid patients. Mr. Moore said he viewed his fund-raising as a way to support health workers, much as he recalled Britons supporting him and his fellow soldiers during the war.

“At that time, the people my age, we were fighting on the front line and the general public was standing behind us,” Mr. Moore said. “In this instance, the doctors and nurses and all the medical people, they’re the front line. It’s up to my generation to back them up, just as we were backed up.”

Even after turning 100, Mr. Moore had not lost his sense of adventure. In addition to Barbados, he expressed a desire to go back to India.

“That is something I would love to do, but at 100,” he said matter-of-factly, “you’ve got a certain time limitation.”