What You Should Know About The F4L Track And Trace Software

The public authority has made it an absolute necessity for each undertaking to gather track and trace information for both the staff or workers and the general population. This is likewise one of the Coronavirus rules. This shows how significant it is. To have the option to get the information of your staff and public, you need software like our F4L Track And Trace Software. You need one that will make the inquiry extremely simple and quick. Obviously, you don’t have the foggiest idea when the public official will visit you and you will not very much want to sit around indicating him people in general and staff information. Our following and follow framework is planned considering this. It utilizes cloud-based innovation. This just methods you needn’t bother with any product for it to work. You additionally don’t have to download any application. Everything necessary for you to begin with this framework is to have a web association and influence on our site F4L Systems to make your card. Our track and trace software is joined to a card you will make for all other businesses in the country. This isn’t basic with other track and trace software and accordingly, an unquestionable requirement get for your business. How about we check how it functions and how you can set it up.

Instructions to Set Up F4L Track and Trace Software

Coming up next are engaged with setting up our track and trace software:

  • Make your Digital card from our site on F4L Systems.
  • After you may have made your digital card. Take a gander at the right-hand side, you will see a turning blue symbol. It works a similar path for any PC, (PC), and cell phones particularly cell phones. Click on this blue turning symbol.
  • The track and trace software will open and you will see two catches – public/guest and staff button. You can choose the one you need.

For Visitor

  • If you are visiting an organization or premises, simply click on the visitor group and select the appointment group that you are interested in or visiting. Fill up every detail in the form such as first name, last name contact, email, the number you are in the group in which six is the maximum.
  • If the appointment group you want is not specified, type the department you want to visit directly on the space below.
  • Click on the accept button..
  • At that point, click on the “add my details now” button.

For Employee or Staff

  • Click on the staff member or employee button.
  • A new page will appear with a form. Fill up the form by adding your details such as contact number, email, first name, last name, the department you are working in. If you don’t belong to any department, just type NONE
  • Proceed by entering your working hours for that week by choosing from the drop-down menu. You can also fill up the start and finish time of your working hour manually
  • Click on the accept button.
  • Then, press the “record my details now” button.

The data you embedded will be put away in the data set for as long as 7 weeks. Remember this is a compulsory Coronavirus rule task.

How F4L Track and Trace Software Works

As we as a whole know, gathering information for both general society and staff in each business isn’t obligatory. In this way, you should be prepared to supply the information if a public official solicitations it.

For Public

As a staff or entrepreneur, you should simply to:

  • Locate the button for the public and staff which is under track and trace date from our website.
  • Click on the one you want depending on who you are.
  • When you click the tracking trace button for the public, a new page will appear. On this page, you will see the track and trace submission for the public for your company. By now, every detail is expected to be in the database already.
  • Here, you will see all the data for the public such as first name, last name, contact number, email, department, number in the group, etc. You will also see the date it was filled in and the time too.
  • To search, click on the calendar date, select start date, and end date.
  • The Track And Trace System will display the public data that fall within the start and end date. It will show the people’s first name, last name, email, contact name, etc. If on the other there is no recorded data within the dates, nothing will come out. You can also do this by searching with the search field by entering the name or email of the individual.

For Staff

  • Click on the staff button from the admin page. A new page will come out. This page is similar to the page when you are tracking and tracing data for the public.
  • You can search using the calendar field where you will enter the start date and end date. To make the search easier and faster, use the search field and type the department on the search field.
  • The details of people in that department will come out showing their names, email, contact, working hours, etc. You can click on the working hour if the government officer wants to know more.

Last Verdict

Each reason or business is required to have a track and trace software following the public authority order. This software is utilized to look through the names of your guests and staff. While it is essential to get a global positioning software, you need one that will make it simpler for you to set up and to utilize. This is the place where our F4L Track and Trace Software becomes an integral factor. With it, looking is made simpler and quicker, consequently permitting you to proceed with your business exercises following the inquiry is finished. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to enhance your business development this Coronavirus period, get the F4L track and trace software is an unquestionable requirement.