A Look At The Traffic Light Virtual Queuing System

Have you ever gone to a general store bank or retail shop before to meet bunches of individuals in the line looking drained too? The greater part of them have something to do yet they like to hang tight for quite a long time even hours that proceed to wrap up different exercises. They would prefer not to return and remain at the back once more. Indeed, even the bank or retail location staff are most occasions worn out on controlling the line and numerous who are as yet coming. This is anything but a decent encounter for the clients and staff. Because of this issue, we built up this product that can take out this issue. From this article, you will realize how to set it up. This will help you and your clients to have a satisfying encounter.

Prior to moving to the arrangement steps, let us read a digit about our F4L traffic light virtual queuing system.

What is the F4L Traffic Light Virtual Queuing System?

This product is intended to improve your line the board. It is a online queuing system that dispenses with the customary method of remaining in line for quite a long time to get a business administration or interview. All you need to do as a client is to utilize your cell phone and output on the client’s QR code banner. Subsequent to doing this, you will get a virtual ticket and the quantity of positions on the line. You would now be able to proceed to plunk down serenely hanging tight for your turn or go out to do different things you need to accomplish. You possibly return when you get a warning – change of the virtual ticket from red to amber. At the point when the shade of the ticket changes to green, you are permitted into the workplace in the wake of indicating the staff at the gathering your cell phone for confirmation. It is simple, basic, and not upsetting. Lift your business development and profitability, improve your clients’ experience today by receiving our traffic light virtual queuing software.

Step by step instructions to Set up the Traffic Light Virtual Queuing System

It is not difficult to set up this queuing software. You can set it up before five minutes. To do this, follow these means:

  • Create a card from our website at http://www.f4l.me. This is the first thing to do.
  • Go to the menu bar and click on the “my account” button. Different options such as autoresponder, add a personal card, my listing, restore card, add a business card and others will be displayed.
  • Select the “my card” option.
  • Click the admin button at the queue system. A management screen will appear. It is from this screen that you will be using to see and clear customer’s tickets. You will also generate the QR code for customers to scan to have a virtual ticket.
  • Click on the “generate QR code and window card”. A new page will appear, showing an already made QR code poster.
  • Press the edit page to add your company’s name and location. Click on the add button to save.
  • Close the screen.
  • Click on the print button to print out the QR code poster. You can now place them at the entrance of your organization, location, and premises.

When a client filters the QR code with his cell phone, they will get a virtual code and position in the line and they can proceed to accomplish something different. It will likewise show up on your front screen. The virtual ticket has three distinct tones – red, golden, and green.

On examining the QR code, the shade of the virtual ticket showed on your cell phone will be red. It will abandon red to amber when your chance to get the help is closer. You should return to the bank, general store, and retail locations when this occurs. At the point when it is green, it is your chance to enter. The staff will at that point press from the line the executives software control “the reasonable and move next number up” button. The line the board framework can likewise be utilized to check the absolute number of clients – those in and out.

Last Verdict

With our F4L traffic light virtual queuing system, your client’s experience will enormously be improved. This is so as the clients don’t have to remain in line or hang at each side of your association trusting that their time will get administration once more. By just checking the QR code with their cell phone, they will get a virtual ticket and number to demonstrate their situation on the line. When their ticket abandons red to amber and afterward green, through now enter to get what they came for. It’s simple, saves time, and decreases pressure.