Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell thinks racist accusations caused ‘end of the entire franchise’ and still ‘feels terrible’

BACHELOR’S Rachael Kirkconnell feels her ongoing “racist” controversy caused the “end of the entire franchise,” a source exclusively told The Sun. 

The Matt James frontrunner has been at the center of the series’ current race scandal that was further fueled after Chris Harrison “defended” her past actions in an interview with ex Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

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Bachelor Nation

Rachael Kirkconnell feels she’s ’caused the end of the Bachelor franchise’[/caption]

The reality star has been under fire for attending an ‘Old South’ party in 2018
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Chris Harrison is taking a break from the show after ‘defending racism’[/caption]

In the days following Chris’ comments, he’s taken a step back as host and the show’s future remains uncertain

A source close to the reality contestant said: “A lot of people are still blaming Rachael for everything going on with the whole show and she feels terrible about it. 

“It seems she feels like she’s caused the end of the entire franchise.”

The insider added that she’s “taking a break” and “staying distant” as the reaction has “gotten to be too much” following Chris’ interview. 

“She’s still mad Chris said anything. She never wanted anyone else to speak up for her, she just wanted the chance to speak,” the informant said. 


The Matt James frontrunner still ‘feels terrible’ about the racist accusations[/caption]

The Georgia native went to an Antebellum-themed party in college

Rachael also liked a picture that includes the confederate flag[/caption]

Yesterday, The Sun exclusively revealed that producers feel Chris can “NEVER return as sole host” following the recent drama. 

The source explained: “As of right now, execs don’t believe he can continue being the sole host of the show. 

“Whether or not he has some kind of a co-host or is removed on-camera completely remains to be seen.”

As for the series’ fate, the insider continued: “The show will undergo big changes moving forward. It’s been under fire for race issues before but never like this. 

“Not with the main face of the entire franchise. It’s a terrible look and it will impact Chris’ role completely moving forward.”

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Fans have called for the longtime host of the franchise to be ‘fired’[/caption]


Ex Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was praised for her advocacy in the franchise[/caption]

Though the backlash remains ongoing, the informant claimed execs have “not yet made a decision” if Chris will return as a full-time host. 

If he does, it will “not be in the same exact away he’s been doing it for 20 years,” they claimed. 

Fans have called for Chris to be fired for “unacceptable” comments made while chatting with former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay – the first Black lead in the show’s history. 

Chris asked fans to show “compassion” for Rachael Kirkconnell, 24, after resurfaced photos showed her attending an “Old South” plantation party in 2018. 

During the chat, the TV personality also continued to speak over the ex Bachelorette and claimed the racism problems were “okay” in 2018 but “not in 2021” – while adding he’s “not the woke police.”

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Many member of Bachelor Nation want Rachel to replace Chris as host[/caption]

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Rachael continues to be a frontrunner on Matt James’ season of the Bachelor[/caption]

Following days of scrutiny, Chris announced in a lengthy Instagram message he will be stepping away from the show due to “excusing historical racism.” 

Past and present members of Bachelor Nation – including the entire cast of Matt’s season and the men of Tayshia Adam‘s Bachelorette group – all came together to denounce Chris’ comments.

An episode of Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune starring Chris was also postponed and most likely completely scrapped, The Sun exclusively revealed yesterday. 

Bachelor Nation has also recently accused former Bachelorette Hannah Brown of once attending “racist antebellum party” similar to Rachael’s “Old South” bash. 


Hannah Brown has been slammed for attending a similar Antebellum party[/caption]

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The former Bachelorette deleted the picture from her profile after backlash[/caption]

The Bachelorette star posted pictures from a party on Instagram before hastily deleting it after responding to fans outrage about Rachael’s actions.

One fan tweeted out screenshots of the photo of Hannah – who was accused of saying the n-word in an Instagram video last year – posing in an Old South-style gown with an unidentified companion in college back in 2014.

In the caption, the reality star said she was attending “my Tuscaloosa Belles presentation” followed by the hashtag #toocute.