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Married At First Sight Australia’s Ines Basic showered with gifts on 31st birthday as she hits out at ex Bronson

MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s Ines Basic has given fans a glimpse at her lavish celebrations for her 31st birthday.

The reality star shared a series of short Instagram videos showing herself and her friends drinking at a bar in Brisbane.


Ines took fans along with her for her birthday celebrations[/caption]

Ines shot to fame in the UK as Aussie TV experiment Married At First Sight – which was originally premiered in 2018 – hit our screens on E4 last month.

The show saw the legal assistant turned Instagram influencer cheat on ‘husband’ Bronson Norrish, 35, with fellow contestant Sam Ball.

While former stripper Bronson lashed out at his ‘ex-wife’ for being on the show “for fame” last week, Ines didn’t let the comments phase her on her special day.

She kicked off celebrations at a rooftop bar – telling fans in an Instagram video: “Welcome to my birthday”.


The star showed off the presents she received[/caption]

Looking chic in a black dress that accentuated her assets with it’s plunging neckline, Ines sported a full face of make-up for her birthday outing.

She filmed as she and her pals enjoyed a series of drinks among the sweeping views of the city’s skyline.

Ines also photographed a bouquet of white roses and a bag of MAC Cosmetics goodies she’d received from her mum.

Despite being trolled online, Ines does have many fans – and shared birthday greetings from a number of them.


Ines photographed a package sent by her mum[/caption]


She enjoyed drinks overlooking Brisbane[/caption]


Ines married Bronson on the Australian show[/caption]

Some of the messages were from her friends, including former Love Island contestant and OnlyFans creator Vanessa Sierra.

It comes after Ines hit back at remarks made by TV ‘husband’ Bronson, who said he “felt sorry” for his former rival Sam Ball who was portrayed as a “villain” in the show.

Ines told the Daily Mail Australia that Bronson looked “plain sad to be in a secret pact with another male against a woman”.

“I always trust my intuition and I just knew something was off with the guy and the entire situation and turns out I was right,” she said of her former husband.


She lashed out at her ex ‘husband’ for saying she was in it “for fame”[/caption]

She insisted she was the one who got the bad edit in the show, revealing how she spent “two years in therapy” for “the most unbalanced edit in reality history”.

It comes days after Ines was involved in a shock car crash as she showed off her boyfriend’s smashed-up vehicle

While she was uninjured in the run-in, the same couldn’t be said for the flashy white Jeep, which is now suffering from a busted wing mirror among other scrapes. 

Ines shared her mishap with fans on her Instagram Stories. Alongside a photo of her car, she wrote: “I have a problem with reversing into shopping mall poles.”

However, the MAFS star didn’t seem too upset about the damage to the car which included scraping the side and locking her into the driver’s seat – in addition to knocking the right mirror off. 

Ines told her followers: “Oh, my god, you guys. I can’t stop laughing. Like, my god. I can’t believe my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to drive his Mercedes.

“Like sure, if you want half a car, absolutely I want to drive it. Oh, my god.”