RHOSLC’s Jen Shah storms off set in tears after accusing Heather Gay and Whitney Rose of ‘dangerous white privilege’

REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah stormed off set in tears after she accused Heather Gay and Whitney Rose of “dangerous white privilege.”

The emotional moment happened during the third part of the Bravo show’s reunion on Wednesday.


Jen slammed Whitney and Heather for their ‘dangerous white privilege’[/caption]


The emotional moment happened during Wednesday’s RHOSLC reunion[/caption]


Jen stormed off stage in tears after making the claims[/caption]

During the reunion, Jen began screaming and sobbing about how there is a “double standard” with how she is treated because she is a woman of color.

The Bravo star said it’s “offensive and dangerous” to be labeled as “aggressive” by her cast mates, as she is a biracial woman living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Additionally, Jen’s husband- Sharrieff Shah- is Black and they have two Black sons together: Omar, 17, and Sharrieff Jr., 26.

The RHOSLC star specifically called out Whitney and Heather during the episode for treating her differently because of the color of her skin.  

While Whitney and Heather owned up to having white privilege, they insisted Jen’s behavior is not okay.


Jen slammed her cast mates for labeling her as ‘aggressive’[/caption]


She said the stereotype was ‘offensive and dangerous’[/caption]

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Jen specifically targeted Whitney and Heather[/caption]

Meredith Marks eventually chimed in and told Jen: “Making an accusation to someone that they are racist, especially in our current environment is a huge statement.”

Jen then broke down in tears as she shouted back: “I didn’t want to get into this shit because it’s painful and you do not know!”

The mother-of-two soon she got up from her chair and stormed off set.

She completely lost her cool while backstage, where she explained the situation to her husband.

Sharrieff was able to calm her down before Jen returned to the stage to finish the episode.


Jen stormed off stage after Meredith chimed in[/caption]


The Bravo star was calmed down by her husband backstage[/caption]

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The third part of the reunion aired on Wednesday[/caption]

Jen has never been one to hold back her emotions and regularly expressed herself throughout the first season of RHOSLC.

Back in January, the 47-year-old emotionally shattered a glass at her husband’s surprise birthday party.

Towards the end of the party, Whitney and Heather took Jen aside to tell her that her good friends, Lisa Barlow and Meredith, had been talking behind Jen’s back to her nemesis, Mary Cosby.

Whitney claimed that Lisa and Meredith told Mary- who was not at the party- everyone that is “scared of how Jen handles situations and overall scared of Jen.”


Jen is married to a Black man and is raising two Black sons[/caption]

Whitney claimed that Lisa and Meredith told Mary everyone that is “scared of how Jen handles situations and overall scared of Jen.”

Jen became angry when she was told about the rumor and quickly began to yell at them “talking s**t about me to Mary.”

Whitney later brought up Mary said again, as Jen screamed: “Mary is f**king crazy! Shut the f**k up about Mary, do you understand? F**k Mary!”


Jen found herself at the center of drama throughout the season[/caption]