Shamima Begum’s a remorseless IS fanatic and her banishment makes us all safer

Brute’s no Brit

WE said last year that the Appeal Court decision to let Shamima Begum return home was monstrous.

We are delighted the Supreme Court agreed with us.

PA:Press Association

Shamima Begum’s a remorseless IS fanatic and her banishment makes us all safer[/caption]

Begum is a remorseless IS fanatic who sewed suicide bombers into their explosive vests. Her only regret about joining the Islamist murder cult at 15 is that they were beaten.

It was staggeringly arrogant of liberal appeal judges to decide they knew better than the Home Secretary about the risk Begum poses to national security.

It betrayed a total disregard for Priti Patel’s authority and a toxic affinity with leftie lawyers who make a living backing terrorists who wish us harm.

It was obvious nonsense, with half the world communicating via Zoom, that Begum could not get a fair hearing over her citizenship without being in court.

And it is laughable for human rights group Liberty to whinge that barring her sets “an extremely dangerous precedent”.

That is precisely what letting her back in would do, by opening the floodgates to other murderous runaways.

Ordinary Muslims never want to see Begum again either. Her banishment, and that of “Jihadi Jack” Letts, make us all safer and send a powerful message to any hotheads tempted to copy them.

Depriving them of their citizenship is a ­crucial weapon with overwhelming support from the public . . .

And now the highest court in the land.

Give us a shot

IMAGINE what a summer we’d have if we got to host the entire Euros tournament.

It’s a long shot. But the chaos of organising it across 11 countries still stricken by Covid is unimaginable. What a boost for Britain if our world-beating vaccine rollout allowed us to break free first.


President of the Albanian FA Armand Duka broke cover to say the entire tournament could now be moved to England[/caption]

The Germans and French will cry foul. But we already have one backer: Albanian FA President Armand Duka.

Well, we have to start somewhere.

There is another snag, though, as Matt Hancock pointed out yesterday.

Positive cases are ticking back UP in too many places. That’s a worry if they halt the fall in hospitalisations and deaths.

Lockdown fatigue has set in.

We think it’s all over . . . it isn’t yet.

Haz beens

WE marvel at Harry’s latest noble efforts to protect his family’s privacy by revealing their intimate moments to James Corden on an open-top bus driving through LA.

Did the Queen give “Haz” the nod to blow the gaff on her Zoom calls to baby Archie? Have further invasions of her privacy been cleared with the Palace before the Oprah love-in airs?

The reality is Haz and Meg crave every second of publicity, if they can control it.

The instant they realised the UK Press might be less fawning than a US talk-show host, the prickly pair fled to California.

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