Glam mum-to-be applies a full face of make-up while in labour and 10cm dilated

A MUM-to-be has stunned the internet after applying full face of make-up – while in labour. 

While most pregnant women are sweating and panting away, this woman looked the picture of elegance while lying in her hospital bed. 

tiktok /@merkmenace

A mum-to-be decided to apply a full face of make-up while in labour[/caption]

A clip shared to TikTok shows the contents of her make-up bag strewn across her bedside table, while she re-applies powder to her eyes. 

While she seems calm and relaxed, it appears it’s her epidural doing its job as it was revealed she was fully dilated. 

The video, thought to have been uploaded by her other half, Adam, was captioned: “Touch up at 10cm.” 

Nearly half a million people have watched the clip, with women praising her dedication.

tiktok /@merkmenace

It seems her epidural was working, as she calmly touched up her face[/caption]

A clip, thought to have been shot by her other half, shows all the make-up she brought to the hospital

One woman pointed out: “First impressions are everything.”

Another thought: “And that means the epidural worked.”

A third commented: “She didn’t choose the glam life. The glam life chose her.” 

This person wrote: “She doesn’t want to look crusty the first time her child sees her I respect it.”

tiktok /@merkmenace

The woman was doing her touch ups while fully dilated at 10 cm[/caption]

Agreeing, this person said: “She’s got the all night setting spray… she’s ready.”

The new mum later posted follow-up videos, revealing her son was born on February 22, weighing 6lbs 11oz.

And he quickly had his first photoshoot, with his mum bringing a ring light to the hospital to get the best snaps with her newborn. 

tiktok /@merkmenace

Thousands of people commented on the video, impressed with the mum’s dedication[/caption]

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