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Love Island Australia’s Sam and Cynthia share red-hot kiss tonight as he tries to torpedo love rival Maurice

FANS watching Love Island Australia tonight will need a glass of water handy to cool them down during a very steamy kiss.

The ‘will they or won’t they’ pairing of Sam and Cynthia finally comes to a head when they lock lips for the first times.


Cynthia is on the receiving end of a very hot kiss in tonight’s Love Island Australia[/caption]

Love Island Australia viewers will have seen the pair engaging in some very banal conversation and wondered whether they’d hit it off at all.

But in a challenge on tonight’s show, Sam goes in for a kiss that is so steamy it gets the other Islanders cheering.

“This girl’s first job was in a kebab shop,” Sam reads from a card, remembering it was Cynthia.

He walks over to her and snogs her with a smouldering intensity.


DJ Sam walks over to her and gives her a very intense smooch[/caption]

“I did enjoy the kiss,” Cynthia later admits.

“He has nice… lips.”

The other Islanders watched on, including Maurice who seems devastated.

He had just finished admitting he wants to woo Cynthia from Sam.


But love rival Maurice was not happy about it[/caption]

“I’m going to muster all my qualities to get Cynthia’s attention,” Maurice admits, as he fist pumps while saying, “Operation Cynthia is underway.”

The camera cuts to Maurice after the kiss, as he hangs his head in disappointment.

Brits have been loving the 2019 season of Love Island Australia on ITV2 which Cynthia filmed when she was 23.

Cynthia thinks Love Island is a good place to find a partner because it “makes the ground-work easier”.

Despite the show’s dismal record at keeping couples together, she said: “Everyone is there for the right reason, at least hopefully it will be like that.

“I also think it will be something fun and really different, and the opportunity of a lifetime.”