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Eamonn Holmes won’t touch Walkers or Quavers as he has crisps specially imported from Northern Ireland

EAMONN Holmes refuses to eat Walkers or Quavers – as he has his crisps specially imported from Northern Ireland.

The Belfast telly presenter, 61 – who lives in Surrey – snubs English brands of the potato snack in favour of those from his native Northern Ireland.


Eamonn Holmes, 61, can only eat crisps from his homeland Northern Ireland[/caption]

He revealed: “I actually have my crisps imported from Northern Ireland.

“I get special shipments! Ruth goes, ‘what’s this in the post?’

“I say, ‘I don’t know, I’ve no idea!’ I take it into the garage, stash it, and she doesn’t even know about it.”

Speaking to Vicky Pattison on her podcast, Eamonn also said that his wife and This Morning co-star Ruth Langsford, 61, has insisted the couple buy a super queen size bed so that she doesn’t sweat.


The telly star, 61, has crisps specially imported from Northern Ireland as he won’t eat English Walkers crisps[/caption]

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The TV presenter made the shock reveal on Vicky Pattison’s podcast The Secret To[/caption]

He added: “What I do know is giving each other space is important.

“Coming together for the right things is important. You don’t necessarily have to live in each other’s pockets.

“Now I would be quite a touchy feely person, I would like to cuddle up a bit more.

“Ruth likes her distance. We’ve got the biggest bed in the history of the world which she deliberately likes. Now that she hot sweats she likes her distance.

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Eamonn Holmes revealed wife Ruth likes to keep her distance in bed so she doesn’t get hot sweats[/caption]


Eamonn Holmes says he would like to cuddle up more to wife Ruth Langsford, 61[/caption]

“But I think it’s knowing when to be there. There can be awful things that happen in your life, tragedies, and as long as you know your partner is there for you at that time, that’s really what counts.”

Eamonn, who hosted live daily breakfast TV shows for 36 years before he and Ruth were replaced by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on This Morning earlier this year, also revealed how he always made sure he knew the names of the people he worked with.

He said: “It never ceases to amaze me how many TV presenters don’t bother learning people’s names, or treating other individuals with dignity around them.


Eamonn Holmes says he always made sure to know the names of the people around him working on telly[/caption]

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Eamonn and Ruth were replaced as daily This Morning hosts by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary earlier this year[/caption]

“I always observe, and always mention it, and always think it, it’s a strange thing but it is what it is.

“What I don’t like about our business is people smile at you, no one really tells the truth. And then sometimes people are too blunt with the truth. But sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.”

But two A-listers Eamonn has a lot of respect for are X Factor’s Simon Cowell, 61, and former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, 79.

He revealed: “Do you know what, Simon Cowell is a very important person, there are very few people in our industry that’s more important than him.


Eamonn revealed that Simon Cowell, 61, always asks after his kids[/caption]

“And my experience of him is walking through the airport first with my kids when they were seven, nine and eleven or something, and saying hello to him, and taking time to speak to my kids, and remembering their names, and just making a fuss of them, made a fuss of them, but every time I’ve met Simon Cowell since, he asks me about my kids.

“And Sir Alex Furuson is exactly the same, absolutely, remembers people’s names, sends you a Christmas card. Really that sort of personal touch with people.

“And Fergie’s brilliant because he’s got an amazing memory and amazing brain and he’ll come to me and he’ll say, sitting beside you nearby, ‘do you still live at…’ and then he’ll go and he gives you the address!

Sir Alex Ferguson, 79, always remembers to send Christmas cards which he writes himself

“And I’ll say no, I moved from there, boss, it’s now changed, but you did send me one this year as well, and he’ll know your address!

“I remember saying to him once, ‘but you don’t do those?’ And he said, ‘what the?’ He said, ‘I do write those!’ I said, ‘does your wife not do those, your secretary?’

“He said, ‘no, I do those myself!’ And I totally believe him that he takes time to do his own Christmas cards.”