Lewis Hamilton will be allowed to continue anti-racism stance and highlight Black Lives Matter by F1 chiefs

LEWIS HAMILTON will be allowed to continue his anti-racism campaign ahead of F1 races this season.

Last year, the reigning world champion used the moments ahead of the national anthems to highlight causes, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.


World champ Lewis Hamilton took the knee whereas some rivals did not and sought to raise awareness of the Breonna Taylor death[/caption]


Brit Lewis Hamilton did more than most global sports figures to raise awareness of important issues[/caption]


Lewis Hamilton will be free to express himself for the new season[/caption]

Hamilton also wore a t-shirt bearing the words “arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” at the Tuscan Grand Prix to raise awareness of the woman who was shot by police in her own home.

Hamilton also chose to take a knee before the races but his decision was not universally copied, with six of the 20 drivers choosing to remain standing.

There was some criticism that it diluted F1‘s We Race As One campaign, used to promote anti-racism and equality.

The issue was raised by F1’s new CEO Stefano Domenicali during testing earlier this month in Bahrain and the sport will make some tweaks to its pre-race procedure.

The rainbow will be dropped from their message and the sport will use time on the grid to raise awareness to a number of issues, such as sustainability and diversity.

However, drivers have been told they are free to express themselves during the message.

That means Hamilton can again take a knee if he wishes to do so.


An F1 spokesman said: “The whole of Formula 1 is united in its support for #WeRaceAsOne and the drivers will all show their own support for the initiative ahead of the grand prix.

“The drivers will be free to show their commitment in their own way before the race and there will be no requirement for them to make a specific gesture.

“The important thing is all of them being together in full support of our initiatives on sustainability, diversity and inclusion and community.”