Dad blasts cops for seizing seven-year-old daughter’s illegal mini-motorbike leaving her in tears

A FURIOUS dad has blasted cops for confiscating his seven-year-old daughter’s mini-motorbike and leaving her in tears.

Ian Trethowan, 36, bought the £1,000 toy for young Layla before taking it to a public field for a ride.

Seven-year-old Layla had only been on the bike “for two minutes” when cops arrived
Dad Ian spent £1,000 on the mini-moto – and has blasted cops for not returning it

The petrol-fuelled vehicles, which can hit 40mph, are illegal to operate in the open and must only be used on private land.

Minutes after starting up the bike’s engine in Wednesbury, West Mids, police officers arrived to rap Ian and confiscate the bike.

But despite breaking the law, the decorator dad-of-three has slammed cops for “not showing compassion” and letting his girl take the bike home.

Ian, who recorded the police confrontation on video, tells police in the footage: “These officers here are taking a little seven-year-old girl’s bike that she’s taken out for the first time today.

“They are really nice people. Especially this one here with the glasses, J Friend. I don’t reckon he’s got any friends though really.

“Look, at my heartbroken little girl. Been here for two minutes and they want to take it off her.

“They won’t even give her a chance. They’re just going to seize it.”

In heartbreaking clips, distressed Layla, who is decked out in pink motocross gear, sobs to her dad: “I’d do anything to take the bike home with me.”

Ian said police will not return the bike until he gets motor insurance – something he claims is impossible for minimotos.

He told The Sun: “I can’t get the thing back.

“But more importantly I just couldn’t believe these officers were happy to leave a little girl so distressed like that.

“If it had been me riding it, fine, fair enough. Take it away.

“But they could have given us a telling off and used some compassion and let her go home with it.”

West Mids police have been approached for comment.

Layla got decked out in her first motorbike gear the day before the moto was seized