Rare Pokémon card just sold for $300,000 – do you have a hidden treasure?

A RARE Pokemon card has just sold for over $300,000 (£218,000).

The ‘holo card’ is used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and features a dragon-like Pokemon called Charizard.

The card shows a creature called Charizard

The Charizard holo card was originally listed on eBay for just $9.99.

Holo cards are rare because they have a ‘holo’ picture that shines and gleams when you move it in the light.

Only a small number of these cards exist compared to all the other regular cards that can be used in the game.

After 124 eBay bids, the Pokemon card sold for a whopping $311,800.

Pokemon card collectors can make a lot of money if they’re lucky

Its value was so high because it’s a shadowless first-edition print.

It also had a 10 GEM MINT rating from Professional Sports Authenticator, which means it was certified as valuable.

Despite the large fee, the card isn’t the most expensive Pokemon card that’s ever been sold.

Last year, another Charizard card that sold for $369,000.

Earlier in 2021, a Charizard Pokemon card sold for $350,100.

Players like Charizard because the Pokemon is a very strong character in the game.

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