‘QAnon Rep’ Marjorie Taylor Greene meets with Trump at Mar a Lago who says ‘the people love her’

DONALD Trump met with the QAnon-conspiracy believing representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday and said “the people love her.”

In a short Twitter video posted by the Georgia representative, the former president is seen standing next to Greene at Mar-a-Lago and saying Greene’s a hardworker and says the public loves her.


Marjorie Taylor Greene met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, who said she was loved by many people[/caption]


Greene called Trump the greatest president who would bring wins to the Republican party[/caption]

“It’s great to be with Marjorie, a very special person, she’s out there fighting hard, and the people of Georgia love her,” the former president said in the video.

The short 12-second video ended with Greene turning to Trump and saying: “Thank you Mr. President, and the people love you.”

In captioning the tweet, Greene doubled down and said she loved her president.

“Great to spend time with the greatest (& my President), Donald J. Trump at Mar a Lago today!” Greene wrote.

Greene also claimed Trump was the current leader of the Republican party
Greene has previously called for Joe Biden’s impeachment over the border crisis

She even claimed that Trump is still the leader of the Republican party and would lead the party to win elections in the upcoming midterm and next presidential election.

“He is the leader of the R Party & his America First policies will lead our party to victory in ’22 AND in ’24.”

Greene ended with saying Trump will always be a fighter for his supporters.

“Thank you President Trump for always fighting so hard for Americans First!”

Greene’s comments come just a few weeks after she pushed for President Joe Biden’s impeachment due to increased migration at the border.

Greene, who recently called Washington DC a “sh**hole,” said Democrats are “tearing down freedoms.”

Her comments against Biden came in early March, using the hashtag “Impeach Biden” at the end of her tweet.

“Yet thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world pour across our southern border every single day and the Biden Admin, Dems, and Fake News are silent,” she wrote.