Matt Gaetz’s Venmo blasted by people offering up ‘legal defense funds and FBI extortion money’

MATT Gaetz’s Venmo account has been bombarded by jokers offering up donations to go towards his “legal defense funds” and to chip in for the “FBI extortion money”.

The controversial conservative politician’s account on the money-sharing platform has been pounced on by pranksters in the wake of mounting allegations of sexual misconduct.


The 38-year-old is at the center of a sex trafficking scandal[/caption]


The Florida rep’s account on the money-sharing platform has been pounced on by pranksters[/caption]

The Florida representative is at the center of a probe launched by the Department of Justice regarding allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old – seeing people send payments to him for “bail money”.

One donor wrote, “Bro you need it more than I do. If I wasn’t clear earlier this is for your BAIL brotha!”

Another paid Gaetz while simply leaving the message: “FBI Extortion Money”.

A third contributor wrote: “Legal defense fund for your sex trafficking charges that you’re facing because you had sex with a child.”

“Go to Satan or Trump and buy your soul back,” another user added.

The internet has quickly caught wind of the wise-cracks, with one Twitter user jibing: “Are people actually paying Matt Gaetz just to leave hate mail on his Venmo? It is a unique fundraising strategy.”

The public payment feed of his @Matt-Gaetz account has been inundated with digs regarding recent claims that he took part in ecstasy-fuelled romps in hotel with sugar babies – although he insists he has “never” paid for sex.


Gaetz’s Venmo account has been bombarded with jibes regarding the controversy[/caption]


They joked about the current FBI investigation[/caption]


Donators didn’t hold back on the comment section[/caption]


The DOJ investigation is reportedly now focusing on claims Gaetz and Greenberg sent money to women they had met for sex online[/caption]

Gaetz has instead accused “organized criminals” of launching a smear campaign after he refused extortion threats to help free the US hostage stuck in Iran, Robert Levinson.

The politician’s father, Don Gaetz, exposed a series of unverified bombshell text messages allegedly from Bob Kent, an ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer, who was supposedly instructed by former federal prosecutor and Florida-based attorney David McGee.

A document entitled “Project Homecoming”, reportedly given to Gaetz during a meet up with Kent on March 17, states that the 38-year-old is “under investigation by the FBI for various public corruption and public integrity issues,” and alleges that the FBI is in possession of photos showing Gaetz in a “sexual orgy with underage prostitutes.

The investigation has now taken on a new line of inquiry, after sources suggested Gaetz and one of his Florida associates had sent cash via Venmo and valuables to women they had met online and had sex with, ABC News reports.

The DOJ is trying to determine whether Gaetz was also involved in former local politician Joel Greenberg’s scandal that saw him indicted last year.

Greenberg allegedly trafficked a teenage girl for sex in 2017 and now investigators are reportedly trying to determine whether Gaetz was involved too, according to the New York Times.

Congressman Gaetz is facing mounting calls to resign amid the continually emerging scandals.


Gaetz has insisted he has never paid for sex[/caption]

The Washington Examiner

Don Gaetz has exposed unverified text messages supposedly supporting Gaetz’s claims he was threatened with extortion[/caption]