Line of Duty season 6: Our complete guide to AC-12 cops’ links with crooks

JUST when you thought the plot couldn’t get any thicker, last night’s Line Of Duty introduced yet more baffling twists.

But one thing is clear: The storylines of series six are more intertwined with the previous seasons than any before.

Throwbacks include the paedophile investigations of series three, which could have been what got journalist Gail Vella killed, along with the painkiller addiction of DS Steve Arnott, which was sparked by an attack in series four.

That is on top of the return of Terry Boyle, who the criminals are trying to frame. He cropped up in series one and five.

Last night we saw OCG member PC Ryan Pilkington try to kill off poor Terry — after cutting the throat of under- cover cop John Corbett last time.

And it doesn’t end there. The current series is linked to virtually every major event and big character to ever feature in the hit BBC1 drama.

To help get your heads round the tangled web, we’ve produced a Line Of Duty evidence board, complete with a few theoretical connections . . .


Back in series four, DCI Roz Huntley was investigated by AC-12[/caption]

BBC Handout

DCI Huntley was married to Nick, who leaked information about Steve Arnott to the gang who attacked him[/caption]


DC Arnott is still suffering from his injuries and is battling a crippling painkiller addiction[/caption]

DCI Roz Huntley was investigated by AC-12 in series four, suspected of being compromised by criminals as she hunted a serial killer.

As DC Steve Arnott got closer to the truth he was brutally attacked by Robert Denmoor, one of the balaclava-clad mobsters, which left him in a wheelchair.

This was organised by dodgy lawyer Jimmy Lakewell, close friend of DCI Huntley’s husband, Nick Huntley. He told the criminals where Steve would be via bent cop Assistant Chief Constable Derek Hilton.

Now back on his feet, DS Arnott has been left in agony as a result of his injuries and in the current series is seen battling a crippling addiction to painkiller codeine.


The new season investigates the high-profile killing of TV journalist Gail Vella[/caption]

Terry Boyle looks like he’s been framed for her murder

PCC Rohan Sindhwani was accused of corruption by Gail[/caption]


Gail reported on Jimmy Savile, who was pictured with paedo Ch Supt Patrick Fairbank[/caption]

BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill/Mikel Gascon

Fairbank was revealed to have abused Sgt Danny Waldron, who starred in series three[/caption]

SET up to appear like an obsessed fan, Terry Boyle looks like he’s been framed for killing TV journalist Gail Vella.

But her murder is more likely linked to her paedophile investigation into VIPs, police and politicians, which involved Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindhwani.

Gail also uncovered a photo of dead sex monster Jimmy Savile with Chief Supt Patrick Fairbank, one of the abusers of Det Sgt Danny Waldron.

It was Waldron’s vigilante hunt for his abusers that involved AC-12 in that investigation during series three.


Series six sees DCI Joanne Davidson be put under scrutiny[/caption]


Of course the AC-12 team is led by Supt Ted Hastings[/caption]

Ted may have been having an affair with police informant Anne-Marie McGillis, who some fans think could be DCI Davidson’s mother

Anne-Marie was revealed to be the mum of DCI John Corbett, seen with OCG member Lee Banks and PC Ryan Pilkington[/caption]

IN the series six opener DCI Jo Davidson tearfully hurled a glass at a picture of herself as a young girl hugging a woman who appears to be her mum.

This could be a clue to what hold the mobsters have over her.

The woman in the photo could be Anne-Marie McGillis, who was revealed to be the mum of John Corbett and perhaps the ex-lover of Ted Hastings.

Is Ted Corbett’s father? Is this why he seems to have given cash to Corbett’s widow, who is having a fling with Arnott?

Jackie Laverty was killed back in series one

She was the lover of bent cop DCI Tony Gates[/caption]


It was revealed Gates was working alongside ACC Derek Hilton[/caption]


He was also tied up with ‘The Caddy’ DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cotton[/caption]

TERRY BOYLE ended up with the body of Jackie Laverty, the dodgy businesswoman and lover of bent cop DCI Tony Gates, stored in his freezer in series one.

Gates worked alongside ACC Derek Hilton and DI Matthew “Dot” Cottan, who both turned out to be bent as well.

Dot ended up killing DI Lindsay Denton, from series two and three.

She had an affair with DCC Mike Dryden and, after being shunned, tried to frame him for the murder of crime boss Tommy Hunter, who recruited Dot and Ryan Pilkington.


Dot killed DI Lindsay Denton, who was in series two and three[/caption]


Lindsay had been having an affair with DCC Mike Dryden[/caption]

She later tried to frame Dryden for the murder of crime boss Tommy Hunter

DS Steve Arnott has finally realised that Ryan Pilkington is the young boy who tried to cut off his fingers in series one and who DI Kate Fleming grilled shortly afterwards.

Pilkington also cut the throat of John Corbett in the last series and – clearly in league with DCI Joanne Davidson – tried to bump off Terry Boyle after failing to frame him for Gail Vella’s murder.

The real culprit for that murder looks like it was career criminal Carl Banks, who might well be related to Lee Banks, one of the last members of the OCG that Pilkington was a member of before joining Central Police.

Graphic by Joe Warren