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Call of Duty Warzone: Cheating has Been Taken Too Far

Call of Duty Warzone was supposed to be the battle royale to finally dethrone Fortnite. However, it seems like Raven Software has fallen short of that goal. While the game still features the patented Call of Duty combat system, which people love, it is plagued by cheaters. 

The lack of effective anti-cheat software makes Warzone a breeding ground for cheaters. Further, the fact that the game is free ensures that those who use exploits do not have to pay any price.

Raven Software is evidently aware of this problem, based on the ban waves they have been rolling out. On April 13, they banned 30,000 accounts for cheating after banning 15,000 the week before. They have also taken to Twitter to announce that “To date, 475,000 permabans have been issued” by them. Activision also confirmed that they are issuing Hardware bans for repeated cheaters.

Call of Duty Warzone has been broken by cheaters?

We have previously seen cheaters use wallhacks, aimbot, or night vision hacks. However, recently, this streamer got caught using all three of them together. To add to the matter, he had been using these hacks consistently for the past five months. 

This clip just accentuates Warzone’s already dire cheating problem. It only goes on to beg the question, how does Activision plan on getting rid of cheaters? Warzone is now over a year old, and fans have practically lost hope for an anti-cheat.

Raven Software has also announced the weekly playlist update for Warzone. This week in the Plunder game mode players can enjoy the Blood Money quads variant. Furthermore, Rebirth Island will now receive the Resurgence Duos mode. These will replace Verdansk – Mini Royale Trios and Plunder-Quads, respectively. 

Nearing Call of Duty Season 3, we will also see the Verdansk map we know and love be replaced by a retro version of itself. This will happen after the map is overrun with Zombies and the suspected Nuke event is finally initiated.

What do you think Raven Software must do to minimize cheating? Let us know in the comments down below.

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