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Michael Reeves and LilyPichu Are So Much More Cuter When They Are Drunk

LilyPichu’s split with her ex-boyfriend Albert came as a massive surprise to OfflineTV fans. The event that left Lily in a lot of emotional stress also came as a blessing in disguise. The breakup led to her getting close to and finally entering into a relationship with Michael Reeves, something fans have absolutely loved.

Michael and Lily have given OfflineTV and its fans some of the cutest moments ever since they came together. In fact, their duo was the most entertaining during the OTV Rust reboot earlier this year. The most memorable moment one can remember from their streams would be the trial of LilyPichu with Michael Reeves as her lawyer.

If sober Michael and Lily can steal the hearts of millions, one can only wonder about their abilities when drunk. Fret not, as there are enough drunk moments of the couple fans can crush over.

From acting like Spider-Man to looking after his drunk girlfriend, Michael Reeves is absolutely adorable. LilyPichu is no less, stealing a drink and having to refrain from kissing her boyfriend on the live stream.

Michael Reeves knows perfectly well how to look after a drunk Lily

Keeping Lily away from the drinks is a job much harder than it sounds. Even when drunk, she could come up with the perfect schemes to sneak a sip or two when Michael wasn’t looking. Whether making an excuse to switch seats and get closer to the drinks or distracting Reeves to steal a sip, Lily can be real trouble.

Michael Reeves stepped out for a bit to take a leak, and it didn’t take Lily long to make her mischievous face. After a few moments of nervous nailbiting, she switched off the camera and took a few sips. When Michael returned, there was no proof that Lily had stolen the drinks as the chat witnessed nothing.

Regardless, Michael did a wonderful job of looking after his drunk girlfriend. He kept the drinks as far away from her as possible. Even after she complimented him a truckload and showered him with hugs, Michael Reeves knew very well how to resist.

In the end, a drunk Michael Reeves and LilyPichu make for one of the most entertaining couples on the internet, and surely fans would want more of it.

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