Call of Duty: When is the Warzone nuke event?

GAMERS rejoice, season three of Call Of Duty: Warzone is approaching fast, which means the nuke event is getting ready for its highly anticipated deployment.

As of the morning of April 21, Call Of Duty: Warzone has a 25GB update available to download for gamers on their Playstation 4 or 5. which will be need to access the newest season.


The third season of Call Of Duty: Warzone is set to blast off between April 21 and 22[/caption]

Call of Duty: When is the Warzone nuke event?

According to Call Of Duty’s Twitter account, Warzone’s Nuke event is set to take place across a wide range of times between April 21 and 22.

The event itself is still a mystery, however gamers are speculating that it will bring this season’s zombie outbreak to a conclusion, and quite possible involve a nuclear launch as a way to usher in the game’s third season.

Here’s the official schedule that Call of Duty tweeted:

  • Event 1 — 3pm to 5pm EST, April 21
  • Event 2 — 5pm EST, April 21 to 12am EST, April 22
  • Event 3 — 12am to 3pm EST, April 22
  • Event 4 — 3pm to 4pm EST, April 22

Call Of Duty’s high anticipated nuke event will also be deployed[/caption]

Since each event is scheduled for a different length, it’s likely that they are four separate events.

Will there be new maps for season three?

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Warzone’s Verdansk map is being remade.

A Twitter leak named WarzoneNews has leaked alleged details about a Warzone revamp.

It reiterates previous leaks that Call of Duty Warzone is moving to a 1980s theme after a “nuke” event.


Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Warzone’s Verdansk map will be updated[/caption]

And it suggests that there are as many as six new “points of interest” in the new version of Verdansk.

Superstore and its surroundings have reportedly been transformed with an ‘80s theme.

Port is said to have a new design.

And Downtown is expected to remain largely the same, but with an “‘80s theme/construction theme”.

The leaker adds that Downtown will have more entrances into buildings.

Of course, Activision hasn’t confirmed these details – and likely won’t until an official announcement.


Gamers are speculating that season three will bring this season’s zombie outbreak to a conclusion[/caption]

What has been confirmed for the upcoming third season?

There are new Operators, with Wraith landing in launch week.

She’ll be follow later in season by Knight and Antonov.

You’re getting six new weapons, including the iconic PPSh submachine gun.

And there are four new multiplayer maps incoming.

There’s Yamantau in launch week, which is a 6v6 map set at the crumbled remains of a Soviet observatory.

There’s also Diesel, which offers 6v6 gameplay as well as 2v2 and 3v3 Gunfights.


Confirmed for launch week is gamers will be getting six new weapons[/caption]

Standoff is another 6v6 map, but the Black Ops 2 remake won’t arrive until mid-season.

And then there’s Duga, a Multi-Team map coming in-season – set in the Ural Mountains.

There are new vehicles, Zombies content and more coming too.