“It Was Very Encouraging” – Deonna Purazzo Reveals Bayley Reached Out to Her Following WWE Release

When we talk about the greatest female athletes of the current era, Bayley, definitely makes the list. In fact, the ‘Role Model’ is widely known to be one of the nicest people out there. She stood by people in their tough times, and always supported them no matter what. This includes current Impact Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purazzo.

Bayley reached out to Deonna Purazzo after WWE release

Impact Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purazzo, recently sat down for an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport.com. In an excerpt from the interview, Deonna talks about if there is anyone from the pro wrestling world who has reached out to her, or sent any encouraging message in her career so far.

She revealed, “A couple people had reached out to me and Bayley was one of them. Just saying like, ‘you’re gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it. I know, the match was what it was,’ but like, you know, just it was very encouraging and positive words of encouragement for me to keep going and not to stress about what just happened.”

It’s safe to say that these actions prove why Bayley calls herself the ‘Role Model.’ This is not the first time she has reached out to somebody. She recently reached out to Britt Baker after her terrific match against Thunder Rosa on AEW Dynamite. Plus, she has always been a very vocal supporter of Liv Morgan, and recently released superstar, Peyton Royce.

Bayley is a true team player. Her actions outside the ring speak volumes about the kind of person she is. In fact, she didn’t even leave the chance to praise Deonna even while replying to the excerpt on Twitter.

‘The Virtuosa’ in Impact Wrestling

Bayley’s words definitely helped Deonna Purazzo after getting released amid the pandemic last year. She did not stress about what would be next for her, and it helped. Purazzo debuted for Impact Wrestling in late May last year. Not just that, but she is the current Knockouts Champion – a title she won at Slammiversary in July last year!

Deonna Purazzo’s grit and Bayley’s words both send only one message – it is never the end of the road. All you have to do is find a way around the closed end. What do you think of Bayley’s gesture of messaging Deonna after her release? Let us know in the comments below!

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