UK coronavirus vaccine news – Shameless EU wastes MILLIONS of lifesaving AstraZeneca jabs while covid rages around world

THE EU is planning to waste millions of doses of lifesaving AstraZeneca vaccine while coronavirus rages around the world.

Despite repeatedly moaning about supply issues and threatening exports to Britain, European leaders have repeatedly talked down the AstraZeneca jab despite its incredible qualities and only tiny risks associated with having it.

And now the Netherlands has admitted the 11 million doses of AstraZeneca it has ordered will almost certainly go to waste as shameless European propaganda has dented confidence in the jab and people are refusing it.

Jaap Van Delden, the head of the Dutch public health institute’s vaccination department, told the AD newspaper that there would be so many other vaccines available that the Oxford jab would not be needed.

His comments sparked fury among Dutch doctors association accused Mr Van Delden of further damaging public confidence in AstraZeneca and harming the vaccination roll out, which has been shambolic across the EU.

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