Innersloth Is Revamping Among Us With 15 Player Lobbies, Bug Fixes and More

The popularity of Among Us reached its peak last year during the pandemic situation. However, it has hit a rough spot lately. The community is more obsessed with the various mods out there than the actual game itself. But that has not stopped the devs at Innersloth to try to make this game even better for the fans. Last year, they had scrapped their work on the sequel of the game to work on the original title. This resulted in a major gameplay overhaul and a brand new map. However, it failed to impress the community.

On a recent Devlog, an Innersloth developer let us in on what they are planning ahead for this minimalist multiplayer title. From what we saw, there is a roster of changes coming our way. These changes range from new lobbies to a new upcoming art style, as well as a host of bug fixes.

The Devlog pointed out a list of bugs that the devs have already fixed:

  • Airship uses proper background on Create Game screen now
  • Authentication issues when players tried to sign in have been fixed on PC and mobile
  • Miscellaneous fixes to text/font
    • Devs have re-added the Ping counter.
    • Region text no longer always shows North America, even when in other regions
    • Devs have fixed the alignment of “PLAYERNAME left the game.”

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What to expect from Among Us in the coming months?

First of all, the devs are excited to announce that the game is about to embrace a new art style. However, they have assured us it is not too different from what we are used to. “Just cleaner lines and other improvements that’ll make animating it on the backend easier.”

Along with a bigger lobby, the game would need a bigger meeting screen, something that is on the top of the mind of the Innersloth devs. The devs have further added,

“There’ll also be a new intro when meetings are called that accentuates the information between the reporter and who exactly died between rounds, as seen below. Note the image below might not be final.”

Furthermore, the title is about to get even bigger lobbies. The last update raised the capacity of the lobby to up to ten players. But the devs are planning to push it to 15. Along with this, there are a total of 6 new colors to grace the game with the upcoming update. Innersloth has said that it will reveal further information about this in May.

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