“Early Oscar Favorite?”: Roger Federer on His Acting Skills in the Swiss Campaign With Robert De Niro

Twenty-time grand slam champion Roger Federer in his recent clip with Hollywood actor Robert De Niro promotes Switzerland’s tourism has gone viral on social media within a few hours. 

Federer enjoys a hefty fan-following across the globe as millions of fans watched the Swiss Maestro act alongside De Niro in an interesting video that explained why Switzerland has to be the next on your vacation plans. 

Roger Federer
Roger Federer of Switzerland gestures to the spectators before hitting signed tennis balls into the stands during day two of the 2019 Hopman Cup at RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The Swiss star was admired by fans for his incredible sense of fashion. Thanks to the video, Federer is now being admired for his acting skills. Even though it was a short clip, the natural flow to Federer’s acting was endearing to watch, and now fans want Roger to enter Hollywood post-retirement. 

Roger Federer took time to read a few comments of his fans to the video and even responded to some. When a fan was surprised to see Roger Federer’s acting, the twenty-time grand slam winner responded, “Early Oscar favorite?”. 

The Swiss star is known for his witty and sense of humor off-court. Federer also reacted to another comment from a fan asking him whether he called Tom Hanks. 


But, the best reaction from Roger came when a fan pointed out a cow from the promotional video and mentioned that Switzerland has cows and the GOAT. 

The Swiss Maestro shared a funny GIF of two goats fumbling to find their foot on a field as he wrote, “We have lots of goats”

With Switzerland tourism correctly using the popularity of Federer to attract more tourists to the country, fans are excited to see the Swiss Maestro participating in more such videos in the future. 

The brand value of Roger Federer is solidifying with each passing year despite him edging closer to retirement. Due to his varied interests and investments, fans are assured of seeing the Swiss star in one avatar or the other post-retirement. 


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