The Repair Shop fans in tears at ‘most beautiful TV moment ever’ as deaf dad and son get family clock restored

THE Repair Shop fans were left in tears as a deaf dad and his son got their family clock restored.

The box of tissues are never far away when the BBC restoration show is on screen and tonight’s emotional moment was described by viewers as the ‘most beautiful TV moment ever’.

The Repair Shop viewers were in tears as a deaf dad and son get family clock restored

Deaf father Herbert took a trip to the barn with his son Joshua to try and fix a special clock that was in the shape of a boat.

Using BSL (British sign language) which his son translated, Herbert explained the gift was given to him by his Grandfather, a year before his death.

After attempting to repair it himself and losing the battery mechanism for the inside of the clock, which he revealed hasn’t worked for 30 years, Herbert hoped horologist Steven Fletcher would be able to restore it.

Restore it he did and Herbert was left overcome with emotion, and so were the fans.

Herbert and Joshua were keen to get the clock restored

Viewers were sobbing after hearing Josh and Herbert’s story[/caption]


Fans got the tissues out after watching Herbert and Joshua on The Repair Shop[/caption]


Viewers were left teary on tonight’s episode of The Repair Shop[/caption]


This fan dubbed tonight’s episode as the ‘most emotional watch ever’[/caption]

Herbert’s grandfather gave him the clock as gift a year before he died

One fan tweeted: “#TheRepairShop just now: a deaf man in his 60s, speaking BSL, received a restored gift that was HIS grandfather’s. BSL speaker’s son was interpreting. Repair shop folk spoke a little BSL too. One of the most entirely beautiful moments of TV I’ve ever seen.”

Another fan wrote: “Well. #TheRepairShop makes me teary at the best of times. But the return of that beautiful clock, and that poignant silence, and the signing, and..”, which was followed by hearts and crying emojis.

A third fan answered: “Oh @TheRepairShop you have me in tears here, the clock ship is just beautiful as is the story behind it. #therepairshop.”

While a fourth viewer sobbed: “I’m not gonna cry… I’m not gonna cry… okay, okay! You got me…Most emotional watch ever on #therepairshop @TheRepairShop.”

Steven Fletcher did a great job on restoring the clock and mentioned he changed the battery mechanism

Herbert was elated as he looked lovingly at his restored gift and said tearfully: “It’s so beautiful.”

Asked if the new and improved clock reconnects him to his late grandfather, he said: “Yeah definitely. It has made me think about my grandfather a lot more than I ever have done before, so it’s definitely re-connected me with my grandfather.”

Standing outside the barn and giving his final thoughts, Herbert shared: “It’s hard to describe, it’s hard to put into words. It really hit me, I just feel overwhelmed by it all.

“I feel like that bond is kind of restored in some way. It’s beautiful.”