Horrified mum begs for help after daughter, five, draws all over her £2k Chanel bag – & the results speak for themselves

DESIGNER handbags don’t come cheap, that’s a fact. So if you’re lucky enough to have one, chances are you’ll be protecting it like nothing else.

Unfortunately, one mum learnt the hard way when she discovered that her five-year-old daughter had scribbled all over her white £2k Chanel bag with bright blue marker – and she begged for help to fix it.


The five-year-old had scribbled all over the £2k designer bag and people were horrified[/caption]

At first glance, the entire bag seems ruined as the classic quilted design had been thoughtfully decorated with an artwork of a girl and what appears to be a couple of giant stars.

But not ready to give up hope, the desperate mum came across The Handbag Clinic to help restore her bag.

The company shared a clip on TikTok proving there is such thing as miracles, as the experts managed to get the pricey bag looking good as new – but it wasn’t easy.

The clip was captioned: “What would you do if your daughter drew on a £2,000 Chanel?


She called on The Handbag Clinic to help restore her bag, who shared the disaster on TikTok[/caption]


The cleaning experts got to work on trying to save the pricey handbag[/caption]

“This is exactly what happened to this lady who booked her bag into our clinic.”

The horrific sight of the branded handbag sent shock waves through social media, as thousands expressed the gut-wrenching feeling they got after seeing the ruined designer item.

“Return it. And no I don’t mean the bag,” one person joked, implying that the mum should “return” her child after destroying the expensive bag.

Others made similar jokes with one suggesting she should “throw away the kid”.

Another said: “Sell the child and buy a new bag.”


Luckily, they got it looking good as new with all traces of blue marker completely gone[/caption]

But some were a little more compassionate, insisting little kids “don’t understand”.

Luckily, the cleaning experts were able to get the bag back to its original condition.

They explained: “We carefully cleaned the ink and then use our unique metallic pigment to remove the staining.”

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