Why is Parler not working?

PARLER is down again just months after being cut off by Amazon, Apple and Google.

The self-described “free speech” social network app is completely offline, with users unable to log in or visit the website.


Parler is a social media app that launched in 2018 and has been at the center of controversy[/caption]

Why is Parler not working?

Parler isn’t working for users across the globe.

The company said it is “inaccessible” while it “works on enhancements to the core system”.

It added that the updates will “heighten the platform’s stability and user experience”.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens hinted a whole new app is launching soon, so this could be the reason for the outage.

How do I check if Parler isn’t working?

You can check if Parler is working by visiting the app on your phone.

Users can also check the Parler website, which notifies people when the network is down.

It will display a message such as: “The team is hard at work, tidying up and bringing you some cool changes.”


Parler hosted Donald Trump after his Twitter account was suspended[/caption]

When else has Parler crashed?

Parler has crashed on numerous occasions, to the frustration of its users.

It went down after Donald Trump’s Twitter account was suspended in January 2021.

Apple and Google removed the app from their stores and it was de-hosted by Amazon following the riots at Capitol Hill, which saw protesters storm the building to try to keep Trump in office.

Users had allegedly been planning the demonstration and sharing content which incited violence on Parler.

After a month offline, the app was back up-and-running – but not to everybody.

Some users reported their posts from the previous version had vanished from their profiles.

And some were completely unable to log in or create a new account.

Even in 2020, when Parler surged in popularity, users reported the app being “buggy”.

Android users found it crashed for no obvious reasons while web browser users said the log-in process took far too long and would often restart.