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China ‘considered WEAPONISING coronaviruses five years before Covid outbreak & predicted WW3 fought with bio-weapons’

CHINESE scientists probed weaponising coronaviruses five years before the Covid pandemic, bombshell documents reveal.

Documents obtained by the US State Department reportedly show People’s Liberation Army commanders predicted that World War 3 would be fought with biological weapons.

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Chinese scientists reportedly considered weaponising coronaviruses back in 2015[/caption]

US officials obtained the papers which were written by People’s Liberation Army scientists and senior Chinese public health officials in 2015 as part of their own investigation into the origins of Covid-19, reports The Australian.

Chinese scientists described SARS ­coronaviruses as heralding a “new era of genetic weapons”.

They boasted the viruses could be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human ­disease virus, then weaponised and unleashed in a way never seen before”.

Tom ­Tugendhat MP and Australian politician James Paterson said the document raises major concerns about China’s transparency into the origins of Covid-19.

Mr Tugendhat said: “China’s evident interest in bioweapons is extremely concerning. Even under the tightest controls these weapons are dangerous.

“This document raises major concerns about the ambitions of some of those who advise the top party leadership.”

China has long been accused of covering up or distorting its role in the early days of the pandemic, with claims the Communist Party manipulated case and death figures while withholding information from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Questions still remain over the origins of the virus as well after a much derided WHO probe earlier this year, with the organisation ordering a further investigation which factors in the possibly of a lab leak.

Most scientists have said there is no evidence that Covid-19 is manmade – but questions remain whether it escaped from the a biolab in Wuhan.

There is no evidence to suggest it was intentionally released by China.

The Chinese language paper, titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons, outlines the Chinese military’s plans with regards to bioweapons.

It reads: “Following developments in other scientific fields, there have been major advances in the delivery of biological agents.

“For example, the new-found ability to freeze-dry micro-organisms has made it possible to store biological agents and aerosolise them during attacks.”


Coronavirus is known to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan[/caption]

Robert Potter, a digital forensics specialist who has worked for the US, Australian and Canadian governments, said: “We were able to verify its ­authenticity as a document authored by the particular PLA ­researchers and scientists stated.

“We were able to locate its genesis on the Chinese internet.”

The document lists some China’s top public health figures among the 18 authors – including the former deputy director of China’s Bureau of Epidemic Prevention, Li Feng.


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