“They’re Gonna Get Beat Up Pretty Bad” – Mike Tyson Warns Jake Paul And Logan Paul About Floyd Mayweather

A few days back, Logan Paul and Jake Paul broke into the news headlines by entering a fierce brawl with the boxing great, Floyd Mayweather. The trio was present for the high-voltage press conference for Floyd Mayweather’s forthcoming exhibition encounter with Logan Paul on June 6.

As a result, the feud between the Paul brothers and ‘Pretty Boy’ turned ugly backstage. Predominantly, it was ‘The Problem Child’ who went toe to toe against Mayweather and ended up facing the heat. ‘Money’ even challenged to take both Paul brothers on in an exhibition boxing bout on the same night. But will the YouTuber-turned boxers survive against boxing’s biggest star?

Recently, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ Mike Tyson gave his take on the same. Speaking to TMZ Sports, he shared his notion on Jake and Logan Paul’s chances against Mayweather. “No, they’re gonna get beat up pretty bad,”

‘The Maverick’ is already lined up to face the 50-0 boxer on June 6 in a magnificent setting. This bout between the two has definitely garnered everyone’s attention. And with the serious confrontation, the Paul brothers had with Mayweather, this fight is hyped even more for obvious reasons.

Yet, many boxing pundits including ‘Iron’ Mike feel that there’s honestly no chance of either Logan Paul or Jake Paul beating Floyd Mayweather. Although the YouTube stars are a current sensation in the sport, they’ll still have to dig in real deep to end up on the winning vertical against Floyd Mayweather.

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Where will Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s rift with Floyd Mayweather end?

Logan Paul will have every opportunity in the world on June 6 to settle the scores with Floyd Mayweather. In fact, his younger brother, Jake Paul, is equally ecstatic to go one on one against ‘Pretty Boy’ inside the ring.

A few months back, ‘TBE’ took it to his official Instagram handle to announce that he’ll fight Jake Paul too once he defeats the former UFC welterweight, Ben Askren.

The 24-year-old certainly did that, and now he’d only look to take up the ring space against Mayweather.

It’ll be interesting to see how things shape up for this trio from June 6.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you agree with Mike Tyson’s above-mentioned comments?

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