Riot Games reveal EIGHT new League of Legends Project skins including two Prestige and two Legendary skins

Project Senna League of Legends skin
Senna is one of six champions who have received a new Project League of Legends skin (Riot Games)

The next League of Legends event will be called Project: Bastion and will feature seven new Project skins. The event will begin on Patch 11.11 on May 27 and will conclude during Patch 11.3 on June 28.

The fan-favourite Project universe will receive six new members as Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Sylas, Senna, and Varus are all receiving new Project skins which will hit the PBE soon.

Project Sylas will also have a Prestige Edition which will be available during the event for the price of 2,000 Project: Bastion Event Tokens – the tokens will expire two weeks after the event ends.

To earn enough, players will likely need to buy the event pass, which typically costs 1650 RP (approximately £15), and play enough games while completing all the challenges.

Project Sylas including the prestige edition

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On top of that, the eighth and final skin will be a a Prestige Edition of an old Project skin released on Patch 11.13. The skin will be available for 100 prestige points though the champion has not yet been revealed. There are 17 different champions it could be, with Yasuo, Ashe, Ekko, and Master Yi just some of the possibilities.

There is already one Prestige Edition of a Project skin as Irelia received one back in 2019. On top of that, we can also rule out Fiora and Leona who already received Prestige skins this year. The most likely candidate is Zed who we know is receiving a Prestige version of a previous skin at some point this year.

As usual, the Project: Bastion event will bring new loot, icons, and emotes. However, it will also signal the temporary return of the popular Nexus Blitz gamemode with its unique two-lane map and wide variety of mini-games.

Project Mordekaiser, Project Sejuani, and Project Varus

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Most of the new Project skins will cost 1350 RP. The exceptions are Mordekaiser and Renekton who have both received 1820 Legendary skins with new models and voice overs. Lore-wise, Mordekaiser is the main villain the rest are fighting against as he evolved his own consciousness and took over the city.

All of the new skins will soon release and be playable on the PBE where Riot Games will also finalise the details and VFX on each cosmetic item.

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