WATCH: AEW Superstar Frankie Kazarian Does Styles’ Signature Move on Dynamite

At last night’s AEW Dynamic (12/5/21), SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) faced off against AEW Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson). In the match, Kazarian made a move reminiscent of WWE RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles.

SCU had the added stipulation of breaking up the team as they faced the Tag Team Champions. Towards the end of the match, Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (with Brandon Cutler nearby) came in to distract the referee.

Following this, Kazarian went in for a powerbomb on Matt, but hit AJ Styles’ signature move instead! However, Nick broke the pin attempt. In the end, Matt and Nick hit the BTE on Daniels to win the match.

The SCU was broker up and shared an emotional embrace following the match.

How did AJ Styles come up with the Styles Clash? What would be next for Frankie Kazarian?

The Styles Clash is one of the most prominent finishers of all time. Styles have used it for the most part in this career. In an ITN Wrestling interview, Styles revealed how he came up with the move.

“Well, my little brother was trying to powerbomb his buddy on the trampoline,” Styles said. “He’s dangling upside down. They’re talking to each other, And I go, oh and I walked over there and my little brother took the first-ever styles splash on a trampoline.”

WWE once banned the move for being too risque. Interestingly, Chris Jericho convinced Vince McMahon to lift the ban. “I knew that Vince had heard that somebody got hurt by the move, but I also knew that he probably didn’t even know what the move was,” Jericho said.

“So I pitched it to him as that cool move that AJ does where he drops you on your face, we did it at WrestleMania, we did it a couple times. I’m helping get this move acclimated and unbanned, and it was, the next month he’s using it on the floor against Roman Reigns.”

Now coming back to Frankie and Christopher. Both men may have broken up, but they are far from retiring. Kazarian recently had an altercation with AEW superstar Christian Cage and it is likely he would go after him.

Let us know your thoughts on the Styles’ Clash and SCU’s current situation in the comments below.

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