Apex Legends Season 9: Redditor Points Out Crazy Wattson Bug Rendering Fuse Futile

Season 9 of Apex Legends has definitely popularized the Battle Royale title once again. Gamers have finally seen the addition of the highly expected Arena mode in the game. This mode essentially serves as a tutorial mode for new players, who are looking to pick up the game. This title harnesses one of the fastest gameplay and swift gun duels that makes it unique.

However, the community has found a new glitch with Wattson that is unintentionally affecting Fuse.

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Redditor discovers a bug with Wattson and Fuse in Apex Legends

Reddit user u/A1sauc3d discovered an unusual bug that should not exist in the game. He was playing one of the newer characters, Fuse, and the game paired him with Wattson and Lifeline. Fuse is an aggressive legend that makes use of his abilities to trap enemies in a small area. He also has a special grenade launcher that allows him to carry more grenades and throw them with enhanced precision.

On the flip side, Wattson is a defensive legend, who excels at protecting allies with her fences. Her ultimate ability allows her to regenerate teammates’ shields while also destroying grenades in mid-air.

However, the unusual bug with her ultimate ability caused her to destroy all friendly grenades tossed by Fuse. This crazy bug has nullified Fuse’s key ability, which allows him to throw grenades excellently. He can throw them with more accuracy and enhanced speed that can outdo his peers.

Following an unusual bug with Wattson’s fences, this has been the second incidence with her. Respawn needs to take a look at her kit, as changes to Arc star have greatly impacted this legend.

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Please help this get some attention<3 they NEED to disable Wattson’s teammate grenade zapping for Ol’ Fusey’s sake! I wasn’t even in range for my shields to recharge, and it’s still zapping my grenades, even tho I’m launching them in the opposite direction?! from apexlegends

The studio decided to tweak the power of Arc stars with Season 9, as these grenades carried too much strength. It rendered people dizzy on impact, even if it failed to stick on the enemy. In doing so, the change unknowingly caused Wattson’s fence to become useless. Players could freely run into them and experience no negative effects.

It seems like the same exact change has also caused her ultimate to interact with Fuse, which has made him ineffective.

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