Colts HC Says He Believes in Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz will get his chance at redemption this season. After a miserable season with the Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz was on the hot seat there.

The Eagles decided to call time on their association with Carson Wentz, despite the fact that he was an MVP contender just a few seasons ago.

The Eagles sent Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in a major trade. Wentz has made a good impression despite not having played yet.

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich spoke to the press recently about Carson Wentz. He believes that being on a team in the NFL is a collaborative effort, and not just down to the players.

The coaching staff and the front office have to do their best to ensure that the players get the best environment possible, and sometimes that means shielding the players and hedging your bets onto them.

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“I think it’s a collaborative effort that we work with Carson. You stick your neck out for players as a head coach or a GM or a scout or coach.

“We all do it. Obviously, as a head coach, sometimes you have a bit more say in it than maybe a position coach. But that’s what you love about it.”

Frank Reich defends Carson Wentz

Reich added that he is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. If he finds that someone is worth the trust, he will vouch for them and stand up for them.

What’s more, Reich declared that Carson Wentz is a player that he trusts, and that is why he stands up for him. He praised the hard work that Wentz has been putting in, and that will soon allow people to see how well his game will fit with the Colts’ offense.

“I love sticking my neck out for people I believe in. I’m willing to put it on the line for players that you believe in. I believe in this team, I believe in Carson, so I feel good about it.

“I do know that his play will reflect the work that he does, it’ll reflect the work that our team does, it’ll reflect the work that our staff does, all the preparation. But I don’t mind being the point person on that.”


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