Car seller accidentally uploads naked pic to website after posting advert to flog motor – leaving Twitter in stitches

A BLOKE who was trying to sell his car accidentally posted a naked picture in the online advert- leaving Twitter users in stitches.

The hilarious blunder happened when the Australian car seller shared images of a 2011 Nissan Navara 4×4 to, along with a couple of naked photos.

The 2011 4×4 was up for sale for $21,999[/caption]

Twitter users were left in stitches[/caption]

The car was on sale for a decent $21,999 with 96,300kms on the clock.

Twitter users who went through the gallery of 40 photos spotted at least two “not safe for work” images.

Twitter user @browncardigan69 shared a screen recording with the caption “You lookin?”

The clip has more than 4000 views and 92 likes.

A Twitter user commented: “Whenever I see a Nissan Navara on the road again I’ll have visions of that d*** pic.”

Another one said: “I searched all of Carsales for this one with the customised gear stick.”

While another one said: “The wheel alignment is a bit out.”

According to LadBible there were at least two images of a man’s genitals, one slightly more subtle than the other.

The remains unclear whether the seller was able to eventually get a good price for the car but the advert has now been removed from the website.