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Genshin Impact 1.5 Update: Best Hidden Details About Eula

The Genshin Impact community is currently obsessing over Eula, the new five-star Cryo character. The Born of Ocean Swell banner is live at the moment, and players can try their best to unlock her for the next two weeks.

Characters in Genshin Impact not only have unique abilities, but play a huge part in the game’s lore. Accordingly, their ancestral history tells a lot about their nature and motives.

Eula is no exception, and here are some hidden details about her:

Eula is a Tsundere character in Genshin Impact

Eula belongs to the infamous and aggressive Lawrence clan. She is the niece of a NPC named Schubert, and lastly, the captain of the Reconnaissance Company with the Knights of Favonius.

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Even though Eula is a descendant of the tyrannical Lawrence clan, one must not assume that she poses similar character traits. Instead, she has left the clan, and claims to destroy her own family if they ever pose a threat to Mondstadt.

In Japanese comics and shows, characters such as Eula are pretty common. The goal is to introduce them as cold-hearted, and later develop their personalty in a manner that makes them likable.

Image Credits: Genshin Impact YouTube

Similarly, Eula struggled to win the trust of the people when she first arrived in Mondstadt. However, with the help of Amber, she has now  evolved into one of the most prominent figures in the region.

The connection between Eula and Yanfei

Another character that arrived in the 1.5 update is Yanfei. The legal advisor of Liyue seems to be critical of all the other characters, except Eula. Apparently, this is because the latter once saved her from a heated confrontation with the Abyss Order.

Eula had saved Yanfei in Dornman port, which is a relatively unknown location in Genshin Impact. It has been mentioned only once, where a NPC named Henry Morton claimed it to be a place to charter boats.

Image Credits: Genshin Impact YT

Dornaman in Chinese, translates to Jingfu. Surprisingly, a book named Stones of the Wall by Dai Houying contains a character named Jingfu. Hence, it is safe to assume that a person named Jingfu will play an important part in Eula’s story.

YouTuber IslandXD talked about Eula and her fascinating lore in a recent video:

Lastly, it is self-evident that Eula is trying her best to find someone, thanks to her voice lines. As per Amber’s dialogue, her grandfather has been missing in Liyue. Considering that both Eula and Amber share a special relationship, it is safe to assume that the former is looking for the missing grandfather.

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