Piers Morgan takes another swipe at Alex Beresford after Meghan Markle GMB row – but admits ‘regret’ over storming off set

Alex Beresford and Piers Morgan.
There is no love lost between Piers and Alex (Picture: Rex Features/Getty Images)

Showing there still appears to be bad blood between Piers Morgan and Alex Beresford, the former GMB host has taken another swipe at his former colleague after they came to blows over Meghan Markle.

Piers famously stormed off set after the pair had an on-air argument over the host’s comments on the Duchess of Sussex, with the journalist quitting the ITV programme later that day.

After previously claiming Alex was the only member of the GMB team not to have reached out to him after he left the show, Piers has now addressed their professional relationship once more.

Opening up about whether or not he’d go back to the show – should he ever be given the opportunity – Piers claimed a ‘third party’ has asked him to return to the flagship breakfast programme, but he has his conditions.

Speaking to The Sun this week, Piers said: ‘I honestly think us overtaking the BBC on my final day is one of the proudest things I have ever done. It was something nobody ever thought possible.

‘I would seriously consider (going back) if I could rip it all up, and do it my way. If I could produce it as well as present. I always felt slightly hamstrung there; they never let me have the team I wanted to have.’

Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.
Piers would return to GMB if he got to pick his team (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Adding he is ‘quite tough and ruthless’ when it comes to his work, he believes there was ‘a little too much reliance on me to do my thing all the time’ and he wants new people to come in and ‘give the show some rocket fuel’.

However, there was one guy not on Piers’s dream team list, apparently.

He said: ‘Well, a certain weatherman definitely wouldn’t be around . . . ’

Following his GMB departure Piers hit out at Alex, claiming he hadn’t received a message from his former colleague, which he doubled down on this week.

‘There was no leaving-do, no ­carriage clock. But I have heard from everyone . . . Beresford is the only ­person I haven’t heard from,’ he told the paper.

alex beresford on Good Morning Britain
Alec called Piers out live on Good Morning Britain (Picture: ITV)

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Piers previously described his former colleague Alex as ‘the stand-in weather guy who does the weather occasionally’, as he opened up to Tucker about their on-air row.

‘He’s not a journalist, but he’s somebody I’ve helped with his career a number of times when he’s asked me to,’ he continued.

‘He sent me a private message in which he expressed some concern about what he felt I wasn’t really understanding about where Meghan Markle was coming from as a biracial woman.

‘He is himself a biracial man so he wanted to explain so I said come on air, let’s have the conversation. But the moment he came on air, he came with a pretty premeditated attack on me on a pretty personal level and frankly I just wasn’t going to have it.’

Piers added: ‘I walked off … I was quite angry in the moment, he claimed that I have a personal vendetta against Meghan Markle, which I don’t.’

Following the on-air stoush, Alex quit social media amid racist trolling, telling The Telegraph: ‘It was getting too much. I am a strong person, but I am not made of steel.’

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