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100 Thieves Bids Farewell to Three of Its Content Creators

As the boundaries between the gaming and streaming industries slowly fade away, organizations have started to change course. The likes of FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves have placed equal importance over expanding their online presence rather than just focusing on their competitive rosters. Therefore, they have rapidly been recruiting new content creators and having frequent merch drops.

100 Thieves got a boost when CourageJD and Valkyrae took over the helm of the esports org. The duo joined Owner, and CEO Nadeshot as the organization’s Co-Owners and have established a unique vision for the future of 100T. They have called on some pretty famous content creators to join them on board. However, that doesn’t come as fortunate news for some.

Classify, Avalanche, and Froste’s gig at 100 Thieves comes to an end

A total of three content creators have left 100 Thieves after giving the best part of their careers to the esports organization. Classify, Avalance, and Froste are now open to their own journeys. With all three of them being free agents, they can pick whichever organization they see fit.

Classify has been a part of 100T for around 2 years and has streamed a variety of games. He has been a loyal part of the organization for quite a while, and his departure did end up upsetting many fans. However, he still plans to continue making content for all his fans and keep up the grind.

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100T Avalanche had also been a part of the organizations for 2 years, and similar to Classify, he too has streamed a vast variety of content. However, he has failed to grow his presence on Twitch over the course of the past two years. Regardless, the few fans that he did accumulate over the years still stand by him.

Froste used to stream Fortnite for a major part of his career. While he has taken up gambling in the past few days as the activity becomes a Twitch meta, unfortunately, he would no longer be doing it in 100 Thieves colors.

As these three streamers depart, one can notice that popularity means more to organizations than loyalty. However, these three streamers failed to grow over the course of their time at 100T and make an impact. Naturally, the organization decided to make room for bigger names to join the ranks.

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