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Coronation Street fans LIVID as Seb Franklin dealt crushing blow from beyond the grave

CORONATION Street fans were left LIVID as Seb Franklin is dealt a crushing blow from beyond the grave.

Corey Brent, who plays the killer schoolboy, was finally charged with Seb’s murder in tonight’s episode.

Corey has now been charged with Seb’s murder

ITV viewers saw grieving mum Abi receive a phone call from the police informing her that the teenager had been charged.

Despite being relieved by the news, Abi told Kevin that she regretted calling the ambulance last week after Corey fell down the stairs.

The heartbroken mum said: “There is suffering and suffering, if I hadn’t called the ambulance…”

Kevin reassured his fiancé: “Well you did the right thing.”


Seb was murdered by Corey[/caption]

Abi replied: “Did I? How come Corey is breathing and Seb isn’t? How is that fair Kev?”

The mechanic comforted her saying that it wasn’t fair but it was the only way for Seb to get justice.

ITV viewers saw the teenager – who is played by actor Maximus Evans in the ITV soap – brutally attack Nina Lucas and Seb in an unprovoked attack.

Later in the episode, Abi and Nina attend evil Corey’s bail hearing hoping that Seb receives the justice he deserves.

It was clear from the get-go that Corey’s dad had coughed up the money to hire a hot-shot lawyer.

Fashionista Nina commented: “See the shoes on his lawyer, £600 a pop. They’re going to put up a fight.”


Seb’s mum Abi has been left devastated[/caption]

Corey then emerged in the courtroom appearing to struggle as he hobbled in on a pair of crutches, with Nina claiming that his performance was “Oscar-worthy”.

Corey’s lawyer argued that he was a diligent student from stable home, a volunteer at the food bank and a promising player at the Weatherfield County football team.

The pair looked repulsed as the lawyer remarked that he was a “respectable caring lad with a bright future”.

The lawyer also added that Corey had been suffering flashbacks and panic attacks following the incident, likely brought on by the fear of losing his footballing career.

Abi and Nina looked disgusted by claims and were then dealt another devastating blow as the judge decided to grant Corey bail.

A visibly upset Abi exclaimed: “Agreed! Just like that?”

An emotional Nina added: “How is that fair?”

Viewers were left fuming at the thought of Corey being able to walk around freely as he awaits trail.

One angry viewer posted: “So he charged with murder? But Corey is free to go home?”

Another raged: “I don’t understand what has happened here?”

One vented: “He is charged with murder but gets bail?”

This one was still thrilled he had been charged: “YESSS COREY HAS BEEN CHARGED.”

Last week a crucial piece of evidence was unearthed after Asha and Abi drugged him.

The pair went through his phone and found a running app on his phone, which showed him visiting an alleyway on the night of the attack – and then returning two days later.

He then went to the river at 3am, which pushed Asha to hand the phone over the police with a hint to check the GPS.

And later while Corey lay in hospital recovering from being drugged and falling down the stairs, the police questioned him.

Corey cracked under questioning and admitted wearing the tracksuit but insisting he didn’t attack Seb – lying and claimed he tried to help him.

Fans were disgusted with Corey as one wrote: “Corey is such a liar and his dads an idiot hope he’s found out and sent down makes me sick!”

A second said: “Corey lies so damn easily!”

Another added: “Really really hope Corey gets found out.”