“Ain’t Done Yet” – Former NXT Tag Team Champions Authors of Pain Debunk Retirement Rumors

While the pro wrestling industry depends heavily on rumors and speculations, sometimes it backfires. The recent example in this is the former Tag Team Champions Authors of Pain (AOP).

Akam and Rezar came to be known as Authors of Pain since their NXT Days. They won the NXT Tag Team Champions after winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics in 2016.

Then they went to RAW and became the RAW Tag Team champions. They briefly aligned themselves with Seth Rollins and Murphy before getting released in 2020.

Since then, the duo literally vanished from the industry. Recently, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful revealed that AOP has quit wrestling and is working regular day jobs to sustain themselves.

However, Akam of the AOP has debunked all the rumors recently. He shared a picture of him and Razer in front of an NXT ring with their first manager in NXT, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Akam wrote, “Ain’t Done Yet B**ches.”

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Why did Authors of Pain (AOP) not join any wrestling promotions?

When AOP got released many fans were hoping to see the dynamic duo in other wrestling promotions, namely AEW. The newest rival to WWE has always coveted its ever-growing and unique mix of tag teams.

But they declined as the company thought it was not a good time. A similar thing happened to Impact Wrestling when they did not want the duo.

Another place that would have been great for them would be NJPW. The hard-hitting former champions would be an asset to them. Unfortunately, due to covid-induced travel restrictions, it would be impossible for AOP to fly overseas.

Considering how AOP is standing in front of an NXT ring with their very first manager, there could be a chance that the team is making a comeback. WWE is notorious for releasing and taking back its talents.

With live shows starting again, the tag team of AOP would definitely be a good attraction as they were released ahead of their prime. They could even team up with Seth Rollins again in his tirade against Cesaro.

Would you like to see AOP in a WWE ring again? Let us know in the comments below.

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