Apex Legends Season 9: Dominate the Ranked Lobbies With This Deadly Combo of Legends

The roster changes of Apex Legends in Season 9 have thrown some characters out of the meta. Respawn Entertainment’s tweak has produced a new meta, as the game continues to evolve. The Battle Royale title has seen new surging names that were previously overlooked because of other prominent legends like Wraith, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Caustic, and more.

Now, the new meta has produced a deadly combination of legends like Revenant, Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder. This combo can help keep the enemy at bay as their utilities can outplay most combo of teams.

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Use this combination to decimate ranked games in Apex Legends

Apex is a really interesting Battle Royale game that offers a roster full of interesting characters. Each legend has a particular ability that can be in innovative ways. This promotes a sense of team play, where each player can combine their ability to dominate the enemies. In this season, the combination of Octane and Revenant has turned out to be incredibly strong.

The duo can combine their abilities to quickly close the gap without threatening to get knocked. Octane is the master of speedrunning, and Revenant can grant him invincibility with his ultimate skill. This allows them to quickly run up the enemies and take them out without any problem. You can also add Pathfinder into this mix, as he can also offer great utility and help the duo to cover the distance.

There exists another deadly combo, which can produce great results in Ranked matchmaking. Players can use the trio of Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane to maneuver the expansive map. This trio offers extremely high mobility, as every single legend offers high maneuverability. The combination of portals, jump pad, and zipline can outrun any stage of the circle.

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The game has definitely changed on its head, as the studio continuously tweaks the game. With each season, Respawn is going to add new changes which will definitely further enhance the gameplay. Gamers can expect to see a new point of interest, legends, and other elements in the Apex Legends.

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