Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know About the New Battle Stars

Chapter 2 Season 7 of the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite released a few days ago, and fans have a load of content to go through. From UFOs in the sky to aliens on the ground, the new season has it all in terms of anything extra-terrestrial. Along with a host of changes to the map and the gameplay, Epic Games has also introduced a major tweak to the Seasonal Battle Pass.

With Chapter 2 Season 7, Fortnite brought back Battle Stars to claim the rewards of the Battle Pass. But the developers at Epic Games has added some twists to make it interesting for the players.

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New Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

In Fortnite, Battle Stars is the new form of currency for players to claim rewards from the seasonal Battle pass. With this system, players can choose their rewards from the Pass by buying them using these Stars. Unlike previous seasons, they don’t have to worry about grinding all the time to reach certain levels for their rewards.

Now, players cans select their Chapter 2 Season 7 rewards by buying them off the rewards page using Battle Stars. Each page of the Battle Pass rewards includes cosmetics such as backpacks, skins, pickaxes, V-bucks and many other items for different prices ranging from three to nine stars. Every page also has a special locked reward which would unlock after the player claims all the other rewards in it.

How to gain Battle stars quickly?

To earn Battle Stars in Fortnite, players need to level up in the game. Every time they increase their level in the popular Battle Royale title, they will earn 5 Battle Stars which will allow them to buy at least one item from the page. If they want to claim rewards as quick as possible, players need to earn tons of XP.

In order to do that quickly, players need to complete a load of challenges in the game through modes like Team Rumble. Along with that, they would also need to make sure that they gain a lot of kills to earn loads of XP from a single game. Plus, they can also five Battle Stars by buying Battle Pass Levels with V-bucks.

It’s really interesting to see the developers at Epic Games allow the players to control their rewards from the Battle Pass. With this system, they can choose to claim rewards that they prefer, and it definitely helps players save a lot of time in getting their favorite items from the Battle Pass.

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