REPORTS: WWE Might Be Planning to Rehire Aleister Black

WWE released Aleister Black and the WWE Universe wasn’t happy with the decision. They weren’t sure why WWE would release a Superstar who made his comeback sometime prior to the release.

Now, reports have come up that there are people working with WWE who believe the company released Aleister Black before his time. In fact, they believe the company should consider rehiring Black at the earliest.

Apart from Aleister Black, WWE released Lana, Braun Strowman, Ruby Riott, and others.

Aleister Black wanted to have a feud with Brock Lesnar

Prior to his release, Black had wanted a storyline with Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe. Moreover, he had Paul Heyman’s support in this quest. Both of them tried to get WWE to agree with this, but nothing panned out as they expect.

Black revealed that once the company said a no, it was hard to fight about the pitch from that point onwards.

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The former Superstar does not hold a grudge against WWE

During a session with Renee Paquette, Black revealed that Vince McMahon wanted to push him forward and bring him to the main roster. However, at that point Triple H did not want him moving brands because he wanted Black to end his feud with Johnny Gargano.

“I remember the match that I had with Velveteen [Dream] and that was a match that put me on the map and I remember Hunter telling me a while ago, about like a year-and-a-half ago, we had a talk. Even a year-and-a-half ago, I was going like, ‘What are we doing? Because it’s starting, stopping.’”

“Every time I saw the fans get behind me or the ratings were positive, no one pulled the trigger on it and Hunter told me that even back then, Vince [McMahon] was like, ‘I want that guy’ and then it was, I think the match with Johnny [Gargano] when I came back, again, ‘I want that guy’ and Hunter kept telling him, ‘No. I have this program with him. I want him to finish [and] write that out.” H/t Oral Sessions

Even though Aleister Black successfully made it to the main roster, he couldn’t survive the cuts. Nevertheless, he doesn’t hold any grudge against Triple H, Vince McMahon, or WWE.

If WWE doesn’t rehire him, he will definitely move to another company or promotion to continue growing his wrestling career.

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