WATCH: WWE Hall of Famer Kane Practicing the Tombstone Piledriver Ahead of WWE Debut

NXT TakeOver: In Your House is just days away, and we cannot contain our excitement for it. In Your House specials have held a special place in the hearts of wrestling fans for their various memorable moments. One such evergreen moment was the debut of Kane at Bad Blood: In Your House.

Kane practices the Tombstone Piledriver ahead of WWE debut at In Your House

Recently, old footage of WWE Hall of Famer Kane practicing the Tombstone Piledriver resurfaced online. In the clip, we can see the ‘Big Red Machine’ learning the mannerisms and in-ring style of his character. We can someone showing Kane how to rise like his brother, The Undertaker.

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In this video, we can see Kane practicing the sit-up and planting someone with a vicious Tombstone Piledriver. For a larger context, this small portion is taken from WWE’s Brothers of Destruction documentary.

During the documentary, Kane explained how his debut and preparation for the ‘Kane’ character came to be. Those who have seen the documentary will know that Kane’s training wasn’t something that happened for a week or two. Glenn Jacobs had to practice for six long months before his official debut.

The ‘Devil’s Favorite Demon’ finally debuted at Bad Blood: In Your House during the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Kane, showcasing his insane strength by ripping off the steel cage door, proceeded to put down his half-brother, allowing HBK to pick the win.

Kane and The Undertaker’s storyline is one of the greatest in WWE history. The ‘Big Red Machine’ couldn’t have asked for a better debut as October 5, 1997, was the day he walked down the aisle with Jim Ross screaming, “That’s Gotta Be Kane!” on commentary. And the rest is history.

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As far as the training footage goes, it shows how much effort Glenn Jacobs and WWE took to make sure every little detail of Kane was highlighted when he debuted.

It’s always nice when something like this pops up from the past.

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