‘Your Superstar Player Can’t Make Shots’: Former All-Star Blames Giannis Antetokounmpo For Bucks Embarrassment

To nobody’s surprise, the Brooklyn Nets have taken a commanding lead against the Milwaukee Bucks as the KD and Kyrie duo thrives under pressure. These blowout victories against the Bucks should have Giannis and Co. worried about a possible sweep. While most would think the Bucks have faltered elsewhere, Jalen Rose wants to put Giannis on the stand. But what is it that Giannis is doing wrong?

Does Giannis Antetokounmpo choke in playoffs?

Despite losing James Harden to a hamstring injury, the Nets don’t seem rattled at all. And why would they be? Their dynamic duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are not letting anyone feel Harden’s absence. Much like Game 1, the two led the Nets to a Game 2 victory with their spectacular scoring.

In the last game, KD had 32 points while Kyrie had 22. But on the scoring front, Giannis Antetokounmpo is also one of the players that the league considers one of the best. Unfortunately, Rose seems to have noticed some change in Giannis’ game, and not for the better.

On The Rich Eisen Show, Jalen Rose opened up about how he was banking on the Bucks to win the series. “I was betting on Chemistry. I was betting on cohesion,” stated Rose. But later confessed, “The elephant in the room is that once the playoffs start, Giannis can’t make shots outside of the paint.”

“He’s like 5 of 35 outside the pain in the playoffs. 23 of 43 from the free-throw line. The game is tough when your best player, your superstar player can’t make shots.”

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Where does this leave the Milwaukee Bucks?

When Giannis is succumbing to the pressure, what will the rest of the roster do? The Milwaukee Bucks will lose their morale and will end up losing all the other games as badly as they did in Game 2.

Rose may be disappointed in the way Milwaukee has handled themselves against the Brooklyn Nets so far, but he is still optimistic. He is hoping that the Bucks will rally back and win Game 3, putting some life into the series.

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Jun 7, 2021; Brooklyn, New York, USA;
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) tries to block a shot taken by Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) in the first quarter during game two in the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs. at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Bucks have it in them to get past the title favorites of this season? Their fate depends entirely on how Game 3 goes. Till then, one can only wait and watch.

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