Former WWE Superstar Reveals How Triple H Is a Better Leader Than Vince McMahon

Following the release of Aleister Black from WWE, many people were stunned. And his interview may just have stunned a few more people. The Dutch wrestler has opened up about many things in WWE. His most recent disclosure was about the difference between NXT and the main roster.

Black feels NXT is a well-oiled machine compared to Raw or SmackDown. In a recent interview on “Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette“, Aleister Black spoke about Triple H and his vision for the future.

He said, “I think one of the main issues is that there [are] too many cooks in the kitchen. Whereas Hunter [Triple H] has a vision and oversees the entire vision with his team. He always puts his ear to the ground and he communicates very one-on-one with his talent and everybody shares his vision.”

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“Where I feel the main roster a lot of people think that they know Vince’s [McMahon’s] vision, they haven’t closely followed the people that are being brought up. Vince sees individuals and is completely mesmerized by them. And then when he has them he’s like, ‘All right, where do I place you?’ I feel the time spent with ‘Where do I place you?’ kind of loses it because it’s taking too long for people to be placed.” (H/t ComicBook)

Aleister Black praised Paul Heyman

In the interview, Black also lauded Paul Heyman for having his back at WWE. He said that Heyman reached out to him on the day that he was released. According to Black, Paul always said to him that he was five years ahead of the business.

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Furthermore, Black revealed that Vince McMahon called for him to be on the main roster a long time ago. Talking about the incident, Black remembered the start of his NXT career. He said that the match he had with Velveteen Dream put him into the limelight. Unfortunately for Black, every time the fans get behind him, the officials did nothing about it.

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