Fortnite Removes ‘Over-Powered’ UFOs From Competitive

Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite is based on aliens, UFOs, and a wide range of futuristic weapons and vehicles. Players can now customize their outfits with Alien Artifacts, craft new alien weapons, and even steal UFOs and travel across the map.

It comes as no surprise that UFOs have already become the most popular vehicles in Fortnite. They stand out among any other vehicle introduced in the game so far and are much more fun to operate as compared to helicopters and airplanes.

Having said that, many players have been complaining about the UFOs since their release. This has led to Epic Games removing them from competitive games altogether.

Are UFOs in Fortnite really over-powered?

The Fortnite community is currently divided on UFOs. While some claim that they are impossible to beat during matches, others believe that evading them is simple and only requires some practice.

UFOs in Fortnite have the following features:

Laser Blast- As the name suggests, this is a laser that works like a missile. It is great for demolishing an opponent’s vehicle or UFO.

Tractor Beam– This beam can grab players, cars, and any items that they are carrying, and shoot them in the sky. Even though there’s no fall damage, this beam can be used to collect loot or expose opponents that are hiding behind structures.

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Up till now, several prominent Fortnite streamers like Typical Gamer and SypherPK have dominated the lobbies with UFOs. They simply grab the vehicle and shoot the players with lasers. Even though both the creators love the UFOs, they have admitted that the vehicle is over-powered.

Here’s Typical Gamer clearing out entire lobbies with a UFO:

This explains why Epic Games has removed UFOs from competitive. They can potentially ruin the meta, as even the most skilled players are struggling against them.

HYPEX, on Twitter, informed about the latest change in Fortnite Competitive:

UFOs need an urgent nerf

It is worth noting that pro players aren’t the only ones who have criticized the UFOs. Millions of casual players who play the game for entertainment have reported that it is almost impossible to survive against UFOs. This is primarily because the wielders can easily destroy their defense walls, and then spam the Laser Blast.

Based on the backlash, it is safe to assume that Epic Games will soon nerf the UFOs in Fortnite. However, it is unlikely that the developer will vault them from public matches too, considering that players are also having fun while using them.

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