Genshin Impact 1.6 Update: Companion Move-In Guide for the Housing System

The housing system has been an unbelievable addition to Genshin Impact. Players who like to show their creativity love the housing system feature. Thus, developers are also adding new furniture items and are making the Serenitea Teapot easier to use for everyone.

miHoYo recently added a new feature where players can place their own characters in their realm. They can place characters wherever they like and want them to be. However, in order to receive rewards from them, users have to first build a whole furniture set designated for the specific character.

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Companion Move-In guide in Genshin Impact

Each character offers about 20 primogems and more rewards when you place them with their designated set. Therefore, if you have all 32 characters, then you can get about 640 primogems which is not a bad amount to get.

First, you have to buy various blueprint sets from the Real Depot and learn them. Some items are new, hence you have to buy their blueprints and create their copies to get the full set. The blueprint sets will be divided into two parts: one is indoor and the other is outdoor.

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We can use each set for at least three characters. It means you can easily collect at least 60 primogems just from every set. Moreover, the higher is your friendship level with your characters, the more chat options you get. Interestingly, some players are facing problems receiving the gift from the character even after they place them in their specific set.

You just have to check whether you have collected gifts from every character placed. If you forget to collect rewards from a single companion, then you won’t receive rewards from the next one.

The number of companions you can add to your realm depends on your trust rank. You can add one more companion as you increase your trust rank one by one; however, your number of companions does not increase at trust rank 8 and 10. You can also earn additional 75 primogems from the achievements. You just have to complete the given tasks and all of them are easy and you can complete them in no time.

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