Humans can reproduce on Mars say scientists lending hope to idea of space colony

HUMANS will be able to reproduce on Mars, scientists have found — leading to hopes of a space colony.

It was believed radiation levels in space would corrupt our DNA, making it impossible to breed on the Red Planet.


Humans could successfully reproduce on Mars say scientists[/caption]

But researchers discovered sperm can survive out there for up to 200 years.

It means the only remaining problem is how to have sex in Mars’s micro-gravity.

Scientists stored mouse sperm on the International Space Station, exposed to killer radiation.

But after nearly six years they found it was still perfectly healthy.

They also exposed it to X-rays on Earth and found it did not affect fertility.


Nasa’s Perseverance probe is currently on Mars[/caption]

Prof Sayaka Wakayama, of the University of Yamanashi, Japan, said: “Many genetically normal offspring were obtained. These discoveries are essential for mankind.

“When the time comes to migrate to other planets, we will need to maintain the diversity of genetic re­sources, not only for humans but also domestic animals.”

Nasa’s rover Perseverance is currently zooming around Mars searching for signs of life.