Princess Andre breaks down in tears as dad Peter surprises her with a dolphin swim

PETER Andre’s daughter burst into tears on a recent trip to Portugal after he surprised her with a dolphin swim.

Princess Andre, 13, could be seen sobbing in the family’s latest YouTube video from their time in Portugal.


Princess Andre became overwhelmed with emotion once she found out her surprise[/caption]

On day five of the trip, Peter picked up the camera to tell his subscribers that he wanted to surprise his “lovely daughter”.

He told the camera: “My lovely daughter Princess has always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and I was supposed to do it for her birthday last year but it didn’t happen because of lockdown and everything.

“So I’ve brought her here today and she has no idea that she is going to meet a dolphin face to face.”

The camera then pans to a dolphin centre before going on Princess who can be seen standing in shock.


She hugged her dad tight after she heard she would be swimming with dolphins[/caption]

Covering her hand over her mouth, her dad asks her how long she has wanted to swim with dolphins.

She then immediately walks up to him for a hug as she thanks her father for the surprise.

It’s then the teen becomes emotional as she sweetly starts to cry while in her dad’s arms.


The teen got to live out her dream of swimming with them[/caption]

Peter then revealed that Princess has been asking to swim with dolphins for about three to four years.

The rest of the vlog showed Princess and her siblings swimming and petting the dolphins with it ending with the teen saying it was the “best day ever”.

Peter’s wife Emily along with their children Amelia, seven, and Theo, four, also joined them on the trip along with his kids from his marriage to Katie, Princess and Junior, 15.

They stayed in a lavish four bedroom private villa called Villa Aurora that costs £2,520 per week.

Villa Aurora features a large terrace area around the pool with plenty of sun loungers for the big brood.

Pete and his family also made sure to take in their beautiful surroundings and rented out a luxurious super yacht.