Why Did Shakur Stevenson Split from Andre Ward?

Shakur Stevenson is aiming for bigger things in his boxing career. However, he no longer has Andre Ward as his manager or co-manager. The 23-year-has split ways with Ward, in what came as a shock to the combat world.

Ward recently broke out the news and vowed to remain a mentor to Stevenson, without a professional relationship. The exact reasons for the decision are not clear. Stevenson, who expressed his views on the whole scenario, left more questions than answers.

In a chat with ‘Premiere Live TV’, ‘Fearless’ said, “I can’t really give you the details of the answers to that question that’s more of a Andre Ward kind of question.”

Meanwhile, the young boxer still has Top Rank behind his back. Veteran businessman Bob Arum and his team have proven to be great promoters for Shakur Stevenson, getting him several big fights. So, despite the split, Stevenson might not have to worry about this.

However, without Andre Ward, things might change drastically for him. Nevertheless, Ward and Stevenson haven’t ended their relationship on a vile note.

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While most boxers and promoters choose to trash talk each other after parting ways, Shakur Stevenson appears to have respect for Ward. Likewise, ‘Son of God’ Ward has expressed similar thoughts towards Shakur Stevenson.

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Shakur Stevenson and Andre Ward- How did the journey begin?

Before coming down to the Top Rank stable, it was Andre Ward who brought ‘Fearless’ into the professional limelight. Besides Ward, James Prince and Josh Dublin also began managing Stevenson before Bob Arum’s promotion took over.

It has been a fairy tale journey for the American boxer from that point. He is already a millionaire and top-tier name on the active boxing roster. Meanwhile, considering the rather amicable split with Andre Ward, Stevenson could reunite with him in the future.

As of now, they seem happy to have walked down the different roads. But considering the mutual respect, a reunion will always be on the cards.

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