Why It Would be the Perfect Time for Battlefield to Have a BR Mode to Compete with Warzone and Fortnite

The Battle Royale genre of gaming currently comprises some of the most played games in the world. These include Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and Apex Legends. Regardless, fans worldwide were expecting Battlefield 2042, which was revealed on June 9, to have a Battle Royale mode.

Even Dr Disrespect was hoping that EA and DICE will finally confirm a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield 2042. Just like million other fans, he was disappointed when the developers didn’t even mention the topic during the latest reveal.

Battlefield 2042 can be the next big Battle Royale game after Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone

It won’t be an overstatement that Battle Royale is the most competitive gaming genre at the moment. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a plethora of successful BR titles such as PUBG, Hyper Scape, and Ring of Elysium. However, none of these games have been able to maintain their success for a long time.

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Battle Royale games become repetitive easily, and as compared to multiplayer or single-player titles, they have a shorter life span. Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite are no exception, as they’re currently witnessing a steady downfall in their user-bases.

Fortnite has been out for four years now, and a huge part of its community has already quit it. This even includes the likes of Ninja and Tfue, who were once considered the best players in the world.

Similarly, there has been an abundance of hackers and cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone lately. Moreover, the latest Verdansk’84 map still resembles the original map a lot, and has been unable to attract the attention of many.

It is self-evident that Warzone and Fortnite aren’t as popular as they used to be. BR patrons have been eagerly searching for a new game, and Battlefield 2042 can certainly take this place.

EA and DICE might be planning to release a BR mode post-launch

Even though EA and DICE have no plans to introduce a single-player mode or Battle Royale mode yet, there’s a huge possibility that both these modes arrive in Battlefield 2042 following its launch on October 22.

As for now, we know that Battlefield 2042 has three multiplayer options named All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and a mode yet to be announced. The developers will reveal the latter at EA Play on July 22.

Loyal fans of Battlefield and even Dr Disrespect loved the reveal trailer for the latest installment in the franchise. The Two-Time seems frustrated with the current state of Warzone, and it is safe to assume he’ll shift to streaming Battlefield 2042 as soon as it releases.

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